Matt Hardy overcomes Jey Uso to pin Roman Reigns at The Bloodline Civil War

Although Matt Hardy no longer works for WWE, as he has been a happy member of the AEW roster since March 2020, he still keeps up to date on his former employer’s activities thanks to his podcast, Matt Hardy’s Extreme LifeAnd he has no problem firing his former co-workers when the situation calls for it.

one of those occasions was immediately after money in the bankwhere, after watching “Main Event” Jay Uso pin his uncle Roman Reigns in the main event, “Broken Matt” went on his podcast stop telling grand stories WWE is moving forward efficiently.

“First and foremost, I want to say I love how big a story this is because Roman hasn’t been pinned in so long, so obviously the first guy to do it is a big deal. was about to happen, and it’s a huge deal for Jey Uso, Matt Hardy said via Fightful. “So I’m very curious where they go from here, in this event, in the whole Bloodline storyline because it’s very Well done. I’ve said it before, this is one of the best wrestling stories of all time. So I’m excited to see what happens next between Jey Uso and Roman Reigns.”

When asked if he believes Jay Uso pinning the “Tribal Chief” could affect Cody Rhodes’ quest for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship and his long-rumored rematch with Reigns . wrestlemania 40 In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Hardy admitted he did not know but believed the two feuds did not need to be linked.

“I don’t know. You can look at it on different levels,” Hardy said via Fightful. “One, Roman is pinned. But there’s also another level, Roman hasn’t lost the title, so you have to That’s got to be taken into account. So we’re dealing with the Jey Uso story and the Cody Rhodes story here on almost two different levels, two different layers.

Can Paul “Triple H” Levesque Last And Defeat Rhodes wrestlemania 40, if you can believe it, allowing Reigns’ title reign to surpass Bruno Sammartino’s 1,237 reign from 1973–1977 – the second longest title reign of his career – and more in his career Adds more historical significance? Only time will tell, but if Jay Uso has his way, the kids could go back to school this autumn with a new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion at the top of the card.

Matt Hardy talks about achievements in professional wrestling.

elsewhere matt hardy extreme life, The show’s eponymous host discusses the concept of receipts and states that, in his opinion, the concept is a by-product of a bygone era,

“I’ve never actually given anybody a receipt,” Hardy clarified on the “Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast via Wrestling Inc. “There were many occasions when I realized that I needed to fight back. There was a time when we were working with The Acolytes, and they were humiliating us. He dropped the titles to us, we were tag team champions, and we worked a few times after that, and I think, oh my god, he can get those titles back. We are in the record books – I am good.

Further discussing the highly physical nature of some of the Hardy Boyz’ matches with the APA, Hardy stated that when facing older performers, sometimes younger stars have to get physical in order to earn respect.

“I was like, ‘I don’t know how much longer I can go through this. It’s like humiliating!'” Hardy recalled. “And then while we were there, Bradshaw beat me in the corner. I remember that I hit his face as hard as I could, and the next thing I had was a very soft [jab to the face],

“So, it’s one of those things where in the old days – where people used to beat you up and take advantage of you… unless you let them. Unless, like, you didn’t stand up for yourself. I think it was one such case.

Now for those fans who don’t know, a “receipt” is wrestling terminology for delivering a particularly hard shot to a wrestler or for delivering a bad shot after another in some way or another, either on the mic or in the ring. In 2010, with CM Punk’s famous offering of “Hangman” Adam Page appearing on the spot and challenging for the AEW World Championship even when he was not in the ring, the most recent prime example is if Hardy is to make achievements in professional wrestling a thing of the past. wants, or at least chooses not to participate in the concept itself, then he is really doing what is best for the next generation or so of professional wrestlers.

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