Michael Jordan breaks down the feud of his influential boxing match of 2015

This is probably not the scenario that was on your bingo card.

Video has emerged of Michael Jordan downplaying a fight between influencers Wake 100 and Charleston White at a boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao in 2015.

In the video clip, you can see Jordan walk through the crowd and step into the midst of an apparent confrontation.

Jordan pauses briefly and a prominent hip-hop manager, whose real name is Cash Jones, appears to be telling Wack 100 something to calm down, while he extends his hand to hold Wack 100 back.

At this point, Wack 100 tells someone who appears to be the NBA legend’s security guard, “Don’t push me, get away from me!”

The entire scene is less than 15 seconds long before Jordan’s wife, Yvette Prieto, pulls him away from the confrontation and toward his car.


Vac100 has discussed the kerfuffle several times and stated that the incident occurred when everyone with floor seats for the fight was leaving the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

“I heard some scuffling and some chatter, and I looked back and it was White Boy [Charleston White, a former gang leader who became an activist] Hip-hop manager, comin’ through that motherfucker Explained,

“That’s dbo-ing. [Throwing] Elbow,” he continued, referencing the bully character from the movie “Friday.”

Michael Jordan steps in during a 2015 boxing match in an ongoing fight between Vac 100 and Charleston White.

Michael Jordan appearing at the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao in 2015 to moderate a fight between influencers Wake 100 and Charleston White.
Jordan and his security guards try to calm down the Vac 100.

“He is leading the crowd. That n-a was about 5-6 steps away from me, and I looked at him, and pounced on him. He is not ‘dbo’ to me. you must wait.”

At this time, Jordan arrived at the scene.

“Out of nowhere, Michael Jordan and his security appear. He watches what is happening as White Boy faints. I said to White Boy, ‘Reach to your gun, I’ll take it and kill you with it. Your option.

“Come over there, Mike. [and says]’Brother, brother, we’re just tryin’ [get to our car], N—a, I don’t care what you’re trying to do. Either you will follow me, or you will go around me, but you will not pass through me. Some going to bed. That n—a said, ‘You’re right, we’re going this way.'”

Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan looks on during their game against the Orlando Magic
Jordan recently sold his majority stake in the Charlotte Hornets.
Getty Images

Michael Jordan #23 of the Chicago Bulls drives while Chris Mullin #17 of the Indiana Pacers defends
Jordan starred with the Chicago Bulls in the early 90s.
NBAE via Getty Images

Jordan, 60, is considered the best NBA player of all time, and he recently sold the Hornets to a group led by financiers Gabe Plotkin and Rick Schnall at a valuation of around $3 billion.

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