Miriam Silverman reveals why revived, ‘prophetic’ play by Lorraine Hansberry asks viewers to ‘have empathy’ (exclusive)

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Miriam Silverman The publicity couldn’t be believed when friends, fans, her NYU students and critics looked up to her for a nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Play Tony Award. However, her biggest supporters were right and she earned her first Tony nomination for a role she’s been emulating and cultivating for almost 7 years. ,Lorraine Hansberry‘S The Sign in the Window by Sidney Brustein He’s the one I love so much to return to after years. To add more life experiences to it, to explore it with these different actors and a different production, with the same director’s deep understanding and love for drama is just a testament to how incredible drama is and is now There is much more to mine and explore and explore in writing,” Miriam enthuses while chatting HollywoodLife Podcast. She first played Mavis in Anne Kaufman’s 2016 Chicago production of The Little-Known Gooseberry Show, and is now reprising the same role on Broadway, starring in heavy hitters. Rachel Brosnahan And Oscar Isaac,

The Sign in the Window by Sidney Brustein It was the last piece written by Hansberry before his premature demise at the age of 34. It tells the story of Sidney Stein, a Jewish liberal intellectual, and his wife Iris, who try to find themselves and their personal beliefs within their struggling marriage. … Originally premiering in 1964, “The Sign” deals with themes of race, anti-Semitism, suicide, homosexuality, and also focuses on individual characters learning to deal with life.

“I think the prophetic quality of Lorraine Hansberry writing this piece, and how relevant it is now, fascinates me because the misogyny and sexism displayed by Sydney and the male characters is in some ways the reason for doing it now.” It’s fascinating. Because I think it’s a challenge for the audience,’ Miriam explained. “It can be something where people can go, ‘Oh, that’s terrible.’ I will not behave like this. But the play demands more – the play asks you to come in and have empathy for all the characters and Sydney, the main character of the play, you go on her journey and so you go on a journey with thorns and all.’

Miriam Silverman as Mavis. (Emilio Madrid)

She continued, “It’s such a great question and demand that the playwright makes of the audience, that you really have to be a companion to all these characters.” Miriam plays the troubled role of Mavis, a role that also challenges the audience to consider all aspects of the character before passing judgement. “She’s very stiff from Park Avenue, conservative, set in her ways, glamorous in a conservative way. Very, very expensive taste, very caring about presentation,” thought Mary. “I think Hansberry is brilliant in setting up this character because he is presented as a foil or antithesis, almost bohemian to the artsy people. But then he has some comments before he leaves, which I think That usually – if I do it successfully – make the audience say, “Huh.” Something’s changing and you can’t make it out anymore.

Miriam’s riveting performance as Mavis, which earned her a well-deserved Tony nomination, can be seen at the James Earl Jones Theater on Broadway.

Miriam Silverman. (Stan Demidoff)

Miriam Silverman is part of HollywoodLife’s Tony Contenders series, where we interview Broadway’s biggest current stars competing for the upcoming Tony Awards on June 11, 2023.

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