MLB rosters highlight a lack of diversity in the sport

hot dogs. Groundnut. Cracker Jack. Casteism. This can only mean one thing – the opening day of a new major League Baseball The season is here. And today, of all days, is a great example of how things haven’t changed and have remained the same, or gotten worse.

The 2023 season comes a year after MLB “celebrated” 75th anniversary Of Jack (ie) Robinson Breaking the color barrier in the most pathetic way possible. Did 81 players Of those selected to the previous season’s All-Star Game, only five were African-American players. Only 7.2 percent of African-American players were on the Opening Day roster for the start of last season, down from 7.6 percent of 2021.

And get this, the Philadelphia Phillies – who made it to the World Series – didn’t have a single African-American player on their roster. Opening Day roster for the first time in 63 years, But wait, there’s more. Last Season’s Fall Classic Was Between the Phillies and the Houston Astros For the first time since 1950, not a single American-born black player was included in the World Series, Astros manager Dusty Baker was baseball’s lone black face as he became a THerd black manager to win it all,

“No, don’t tell me that,” Baker said When he learned that there were no black players in the World Series. “It’s terrible for the state of the game. Well done! Terrible. I feel ashamed of the game.

Baker said before winning the series, “I don’t think about being an African-American manager because I look in the mirror every day and I know what I am.” “You know what I’m saying? (But) I know there’s pressure from a lot of people who are pulling for me, especially people of color. And that’s part of what I feel. I hear it every day. … and so I feel I have been chosen for this.’

Thus baseball honored Robinson at its highest level. It’s pathetic when you put it all together, isn’t it?

“When you’re talking about African-American bowlers, we need to do better,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts told the Los Angeles Times last year, “That’s what comes to my mind all the time. It’s getting really uncomfortable. In the same article, former Angels GM Tony Riggins, who currently serves as MLB’s chief baseball development officer, said, “What we need to do is have more players, especially African-American players, playing college baseball.”

None of this should be surprising. This is a league that, just a few years ago, was trying to get into bed with America’s most racist, misogynist, and prejudiced sports site – bar(f).Mal – to broadcast midweek games,

It’s moments like these where the league and its many fans will try to deceive you about the “diversity” of baseball. see it from Last year:

“The 2022 season is another example of how diverse the game has become since Jackie (Robinson)’s time. 38 percent of the 975 players on the Opening Day roster and inactive list came from a diverse background (Black, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander and Native American) – a slight increase from 37.6 percent In 2021.

That’s how they mock statistics with diversity. Whenever a company/league touts how many players/employees come from “diverse backgrounds”, it’s a sleight of hand to get you to focus on how many of those are African-American. They like to throw us all in a bunch so you don’t take into account how small the numbers are from some groups.

So as you enjoy baseball today, there will surely be black faces on the field. But the number of those who are African-American will be as uncomfortably small as ever. Which makes it that much easier to understand why it’s intentional.

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