Murder Mystery 2 movie review: Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler make their spoof bigger, funnier and flamboyant

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in ‘Murder Mystery 2’

As in the first part, both Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler go along with it, without poignancy of any kind or degree, but without the fun and adventure.


  • Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler’s comic caper seamlessly blends continents and aesthetics.
  • Once again, they have nothing to offer but unadulterated fun and relentless adventure.
  • Jennifer Aniston’s awkwardness is the perfect match for Adam Sandler’s confident approach.

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler’s first film together was Dennis Dugan’s 2011 romantic comedy just go with it. The title of that film reflects the spirit of his latest film, murder mystery 2, Sequel to the popular 2019 comic caper. The two actors go with whatever director Jeremy Garelick and screenwriter James Vanderbilt throw at them, enjoying every bit of the ride they go along.

While the first part was more Agatha Christie, with a murder on a cruise and a luxury villa in Lake Como at the center of the investigation, the sequel revamps the aesthetics and settings, as the action moves from the kidnapping of an East Indian prince . An island in the middle of a Big Fat destination wedding in the streets of Paris, with a clichéd but funny climax at the Eiffel Tower.

Now, looking at its initial setting, Murder Mystery 2 Some recent titles may have visual and thematic similarities with A Murder on an Island. But it’s too superficial (and a matter of pride) not to make this kind of socioeconomic comment White lotusToo breathless down-to-business to enjoy the studied pace Knives Out 2: Glass Onion And too platonic to reign a la romance against the hostage of a marriage shotgun wedding,

As in the first part, both Aniston’s Audrey and Sandler’s Nick go along with it, without poignancy of any kind or degree.

having said that, Murder Mystery 2 Definitely bigger, flamboyant and funnier than the first part. The scale is provided by cinematographer Bjoan Beazley and production designer Perry Endline Blake, who combine stunning aerial views of a remote island, the charming pranks of a big fat Indian wedding, and a see-saw-like climax at the Eiffel Tower to lend viewers Choose. An exhilarating experience. Of course, the action in Paris isn’t choreographed with the fine details and visceral effects of recent John Wick: Chapter 4, But editors Tom Costain and Brian Robinson make sure a lengthy, larger-than-life chase sequence in the quaint suburbs of Paris is enough to keep viewers glued to their screens.

Jennifer Aniston’s clumsiness is her weapon of choice here, or maybe not weapon of choice. It’s refreshing to see her struggle with action — gunning down her husband’s attackers, driving a car loose, and hanging on a harness to the Eiffel Tower. Unlike Sandler, who plays an ex-army officer, Aniston is a detective purely by passion. And her eagerness to learn, her desperation to solve a case and her clumsiness with action — which ends with her throwing an ax into a man’s head seconds after saying she can’t kill anyone — are all extremely telling. are believable, as opposed to Sandler’s clean-cut action moves and assured approach as a detective.

Although she gets the funnier lines, Aniston’s responses are also an extension of her awkwardness. She doesn’t deliver mic-bombs or barbs as smoothly as Sandler, but she certainly grounds the proceedings in reality – even finding herself in the most bizarre, paranormal situations. Too. Since she is a hairdresser by profession, Audrey is seen reading detective books to get better. it’s almost like meeting rachel again Friend Find him in the “real world”. But when all of her bookish knowledge turns against her, it only makes her realize what has been her greatest strength as a clumsy, guilt-ridden woman: just going along with it.

Murder Mystery 2 Streaming now on Netflix.


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