NBA fans aren’t amused by the new in-season tournament

If you’re a fan of the NBA, you’ve probably seen or heard about the official announcement of a new in-season tournament starting in November. people who follow the aThe association on social media, especially on Instagram, may have received a direct message from former NBA baller Richard Jefferson detailing how the tournament would work.

“This sIt seems completely pointless, haha”

Unless you’re a football fan, this group game format may seem a bit complicated at first glance. The NBA fan base took to Twitter and expressed their feelings about everything related to the association.

“It seems totally pointless, haha.”

“Players don’t care any more about this than reg season games in November.”

“Nobody wants to be an in-season tournament champion.”

“What is the use of winning this thing, bragging? If so, then the NBA is grossly underestimating how committed players are to evaluating the regular season halfway through. I like the idea. It doesn’t address the problem of a regular season that lacks importance.”

As always, fans are not holding back from voicing their opinion on the legitimacy of this new tournament. Most people don’t think star players will give a shit about this tournament. Although many of us weren’t big fans of nba play-in tournament when it was introduced a few years back. Now most of the fans and media members are waiting for this, Play-in anticipation should continue to rise as Miami moves into the post-season nba finals,

money…for the people

“My favorite part is the money for the players on the teams who choose to play” – they know very well that there is a possibility that top level stars see this whole tournament as a rest. Counted down, but don’t be surprised when stars sit out some games. The NBA has literal plans for…”

Although most of the comments are completely negative or sarcastic, you will find one or two positive responses – If you scroll long enough.

“It’s a good move to make the first half of the season more interesting.”

Then, of course, you have some people who only care about their team and personal happiness and some who choose to be mean.

“I need my Warriors to win the double this year. Cups and Championships.”

“I’ll catch stupid people tweeting for 200, Alex.”

While this in-season tournament is a bit extra, you have to give credit to the NBA for being ready for change. Like the world, leagues are constantly evolving, and they are not shy about changing with the times. Time and time again we pick on the MLB because we haven’t noticed how the world around them has changed, but now we criticize the NBA because they’re willing to try something different. You can’t win in the age of social media.

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