New Doom game is cute and fun until you run out of energy

mighty demiseNow available for iOS and Android, free to play archero-Like top-down shooter with only one role playing Doom Slayer, also known as Doomgui, In many ways it reminds me of those weird 80s cartoons where gruesome adult action movies were turned into kid friendly animated shows like rambo Or robocop, unfortunately, while mighty demise Fun, it still suffers from typical mobile game crap.

First death The game was already on the market in 1993. The monstrous shooter may not have invented the FPS genre, but it certainly popularized it and made it what it is today. death Speed ​​quickly became one of the most popular games in the world, spawning sequels, a thriving mod community, and even the concept of speedrunning. decades later, death Still relevant, still widely loved, and still getting sequels. Now the latest entry is a top-down mobile game starring a tiny Doomguy who smashes and rips apart little monsters.

mighty demisethat i would have mentioned small fortuneThere’s A New Game From Bethesda And Alpha Dog Games That’s Very Similar recent tomb raider reloadedthat i dealt with not so long ago, In form of tomb Raiderkiller in mighty demise shoot automatically. You lead them through randomly generated arenas full of monsters, killing everything and the occasional special attack. Between arenas, level up and gain new perks. Get to the end and take out the final boss and you’ll unlock the next area. Each run starts with no perks, just like in Rogue-Lite, and you collect materials and items during each demon-slayer run that you can use to upgrade Doomgui between games.

in transition from tomb raider reloadedIn mighty demise The Doom Slayer – who remains very loyal – keeps firing until he dies or eliminates all enemies. No lollipop gagin here. This small tweak will make the game move faster and feel more aggressive. mighty demise There’s also a lot more enemies can throw at you because you never stop shooting. And if you suffer, don’t worry, mighty demise Includes Glory Kill System from most recent mainline death games, which allow you to generate health improvements by performing stunned monsters.


From the heavy metal music to the way the game encourages you to be more aggressive and active in combat, it’s all a lot of fun and very death– Like it. Well, until you have to deal with all the chatter and chatter between runs.

this is the part where i have to confirm it unfortunately mighty demise, like so many great mobile games, bothered by annoying chatter. The biggest annoyance is the energy meter. It’s very limited, and if you make a few mistakes and finish a few runs too early, you’ll soon find yourself worn out and have to wait to play more. Loot is also frustrating, as the game always leaves you short of what you need to upgrade your gear, forcing you to grind more or spend some cash to improve your character’s lethality.

Still, as someone who can usually overlook that sort of thing, when I’m actually playing mighty demise, I’m still having a great time. Last night I stayed up too late to play it, something I do when I play lead death Sports too. It’s a shame that such a good game is full of crap, which, naturally, will frustrate many players and prevent them from ever trying.


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