New owner Josh Harris vows to bring Washington back to glory days

to come washington commanders Owner Josh Harris was given a hero’s welcome at the team’s stadium entrance on Friday afternoon, where locals celebrated Dan Snyder’s changing of the guard and embraced the local fanboy spirit the new boss generated.

Harris was approved as its owner commanders Thursday by a unanimous vote of the NFL’s 32 franchise owners in Minnesota and 20 hours after hordes of grateful fans arrived and chanted “thank you Josh.”

“We’ve got a lot to do,” Harris said while giving a high-five to the fans crowding the front of the stage. “We have to build the team to win football games. We have to go out into the community and start growing it. We have to transform the fan experience in the stadium. That’s what we’re focused on right now.”

Former head coach Joe Gibbs addressed the crowd to shine a light on Harris, who owns a minority stake in Joe Gibbs Racing.

With current team top executives on stage, including head coach Ron Rivera and team president Jason Wright, Harris captivated the audience with an energetic demeanor in stark contrast to her predecessor.

The message from the Chevy Chase, MD, native was also different.

Harris toured each field in a question-and-answer session with fans, who asked about the team’s fourth time changing its name and the future of the ancient stadium.

“We’re going to have a party every other Sunday,” Harris said, reflecting on his experience going to the franchise’s games at RFK Stadium.

“When guests come to your house, you treat them well. You don’t have broken sofas. You don’t have TVs that aren’t working. That’s what we’re focusing on at the moment. As far as the long-term feel of the stadium, we’d love to create a stadium where opposing players are afraid to come and our players love to come and our players love to come and welcome. That’s what I experienced at RFK. Whatever happens in the stadium, I Want to create that kind of stadium experience.”

Harris pointed to recently published franchise value numbers that showed Washington was at no. 1 in North America in 2008 but has since been overtaken by several teams including the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and others.

He said that he understands how much work will have to be done to bring the franchise back to the heights it once had.

“It’s hard to imagine but I’ve seen the numbers commanders There was a time no. They were the No. 1 franchise in the NFL when they were the Redskins. Not the Dallas Cowboys.

–Field Level Media

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