No. 1 Overall Selection Prediction

The 2023 Major League Baseball draft will take place on July 9. We’re here to share our MLB Draft Odds series while we build the numbers. 1 overall selection predictions and selections for the 2023 MLB Draft.

The MLB Draft is here. Ultimately it is always important to get the top pick right. The Pittsburgh Pirates have the top pick in the draft. Significantly, his biggest needs in the draft are pitching and the outfield, as he has begun to falter in those spots. General manager Ben Cherrington has a few options to choose from. Furthermore, with the Pirates in a playoff contest, making selections can be challenging.

The Pirates already have great players in the pipeline. Unsurprisingly, catcher Henry Davis and second baseman Nick Gonzales already look like exceptional picks. Top pitching prospects Anthony Solomato and Jared Jones are excelling at Double-A and Triple-A. In addition, Solomato has now allowed an earned run in six of his last seven starts. The Pirates have some choices to make.

Here are the numbers. choose 1 mlb draft odds, Courtesy of FanDuel.

MLB Draft Odds: No. 1 Overall Selection Possibilities

Wyatt Langford: +160

Paul Skenes: +270

Max Clarke: +300

Dylan Crews: +360

Walker Jenkins: +3000

Jacob Gonzalez: +11000

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Why should Wyatt Langford be the number one? 1 overall selection

Langford is a standout player from Florida. Ultimately, he hit .373 with 21 home runs, 57 RBI, and 83 runs in 64 games this season. But not many people are talking about him as the top pick. Despite this, his numbers indicate the potential for greatness. Langford could become a huge asset to any team that drafts him.

Why should Paul Skeens be number one? 1 overall selection

The Pirates might look to improve their rotation down the line. Therefore, scions can be an excellent addition. Skeens tore it up at the Air Force Academy before transferring to Louisiana State. In addition, he went 12–2 with a 1.69 ERA in 19 starts. Skenes also won the College World Series Award for Most Outstanding Player. Additionally, he helped LSU make it to the College World Series Finals. Skenes pitched 7 2/3 innings in the debut in a win over Tennessee, while giving up two earned runs and striking out 12. Then, he threw eight shutout innings in a win over Wake Forest, while allowing two hits and striking out nine. Skenes is the best pitcher in the draft.

Why should Max Clarke be the number one? 1 overall selection

Clark is the best high school player in the draft. Plus, he has the five-tool ability to become a great. There are scouts who believe he has the same skills as Jared Kelenik of the Seattle Mariners. Likewise, he is a left-handed batsman with power potential. Clark finished his senior year by batting .646 with six home runs, 33 RBI and 45 runs batted in. Additionally, he also won the Gatorade Player of the Year award. If the Pirates decide to go in a different direction, Clark could be an option.

Why should Dylan Cruise have a number? 1 overall selection

Everyone is talking about Crews and he can definitely fill the gap in any team. Plus, there’s a belief that he’ll quickly move on from the minors. Crews has dominated the SEC and is making a name for itself as a potential generational player. Additionally, the crew can hit the ball to all sides of the field. He also reached base in every single game and finished his college career by reaching base in 75 consecutive games. Ultimately, he finished the season with a .426 batting average, 18 home runs, 70 RBIs, and 100 runs batted in. Cruz had a .380 batting average with 58 home runs, 184 RBI, and 237 runs batted in throughout his collegiate career. Therefore, he is a wonderful choice for the Pirates.

Why should Walter Jenkins be the number one? 1 overall selection

Jenkins is another high school prospect who could make an impression. However, there are concerns regarding his injury history. Jenkins had a broken hamate bone and had hip surgery. Regardless, he is only 18 and could be a threat to the middle order. But it has a high-risk, high-reward tagline on it. Ultimately, he is a left-handed batsman who can do some damage.

Why should Jacob Gonzales be the number one? 1 overall selection

Gonzalez is someone that many consider to be the safe option. Also, He can fulfill that promise. Gonzales has a lot of power and can become a home threat. So, that would not be a bad choice. The Southern California native finished the season with a .327 batting average with 10 home runs, 51 RBI and 46 runs batted in. Additionally, he was an excellent fielder, finishing with only five errors and a .971 fielding percentage in 54 games this season. Gonzales will likely be the best fielder among the top picks.

Last no. 1st overall draft prediction and selection

There are many options here. However, Cruz is the star who could be the centerpiece for the Pirates for years to come.

Last no. 1st overall draft prediction and selection: Dylan Cruz: +360

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