NOW World Cup: Will Italy or Sweden win Group G?

after drowning in Settlement in the second half, Italy cristiana girelli scored one weighty target to give le azure 1-0 lead and push the team to victory in the first round Argentina, Italy earned three points in the process and placed them next to Group G. Swedenwho defeated South Africa on Sunday morning,

But Girelli did not clear that goal until the last three minutes of regular time. The remaining 87 minutes were challenging for Italy. The team had several chances to strike, but missed several shots and had two goals taken off the board for offside penalties.

The World Cup Now crew – Jimmy Conrad, Heather O’Reilly, Melissa Ortiz and Stu Holden – discuss Italy’s struggles and debate who they think will win Group G. Le Azur and Sweden.

Holden: “I’m still thinking about Sweden. I’m not ready to leave Sweden yet. I put him very high in my power rankings. I hope they run deep. i know they gotta keep going United States Possibly… but I felt sweden got punched in the face… [by South Africa] … This woke them up a bit. The Swedes – exactly what they say – crosses, set pieces, headers, but I just got the feeling that they weren’t really playing fast enough all the time. I think they gave them a little more than they expected… but Sweden Vs. Italy would be a delicious little game. I think Sweden will win the group.”

Conrad: “Do you feel the same way, Mellie?”

Ortiz: “Yes, and I think we also have a delicious Sweden-Argentina on the menu. … Of course, Argentina is going to fight – Sweden is going to fight, but I think in the menu of the games in this group, I like that.

O’Reilly: “I think Sweden is going to win the group. I mean, we can’t judge just by the one goal scored by Argentina, but if you think about Sweden’s physical dominance when they take corners, free kicks, crosses in the penalty area. Argentina conceded their goal with a header at the last post and that’s a huge achievement for Sweden. So I see them…overwhelming Argentina with their physical ability, and just this tournament America has delivered a lot of veterans in recent years, so I’m with Stu, I think Sweden is building right now.

Conrad: “Okay… now Stu has some bias. He took Sweden to the finals. You must go or die with Sweden at this point.”

Holden: “I know man, I’m in! Just don’t break my heart.”

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