One of Ariana Madix’s besties DESTROYS Raquel Leviss & Tom Sandoval before their sleepover! Perez Hilton

tom sandoval And Rachel Lewis face one’s wrath ariana madixhis best friends!

ICYMI, the 28-year-old was caught sleeping with Sandoval at his home in the Valley Village neighborhood of Los Angeles on Wednesday — you know, the same home he still shares with his ex-girlfriend! Dare on these two, huh? You can watch his shyness move (below):

Luckily, Ariana didn’t get to see their hangout, as she’s currently filming an upcoming movie Lifelong Movies, buy my daughter back, But no one would blame her if she was still upset that Sandoval had let Raquel live in her home amid the fallout from the cheating scandal. Even if the two had been together romantically at the residence during their month-long stint, it’s humiliating for her to be there now — especially knowing that all eyes are still on her. Because the drama hasn’t subsided yet!

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seriously! Did the cover band’s frontman really think they wouldn’t get caught? Or was this just a way to make Ariana uncomfortable in her own home to the point where she would reach her breaking point and pass out? We wouldn’t be surprised if that was Sandoval’s plan…

Ariana has yet to comment on the sleepover between Sandoval and Raquel. However, it seems a close friend of hers got wind of what was going on at her house while she was away, and decided to set the couple up!

logan cochran – which fans may recognize as a server tom tom during his guest appearance on vanderpump rules – Sandoval goes on Sandoval for being nervous to hang out with Raquel at his and Ariana’s house after getting mad at the 37-year-old for making friends during Fallout. sharing a pic of raquel page six With a clown emoji on her face, she wrote on Thursday:

‘Is that how you make it? correct your mistakes? The robot has its own apartment. go there go somewhere else. Why did we get so much crap for watching a Beyonce music video at home but it’s okay if Rachel comes over?

Seriously Tom?! Did she really give him “s**t” when he just needed friends as a buffer because he refused to give her space in his house? Very good. Logan continued:

“Maybe you’ll at least have some decency in acting like that? For the cameras, at least? And don’t worry Tom, I texted you about it before I posted. I know that bothered you at first.” did.

We’d love to see someone call out Sandoval and Raquel!

He has got the guts! They could have taken their connection elsewhere! Literally anywhere other than his and Ariana’s house. But it’s clear that Sandoval doesn’t care about Ariana’s feelings at all based on his actions over the past year.

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[Image via Logan Cochran/Instagram, Bravo/YouTube]

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