OpenAI is forming a task force to prevent artificial intelligence catastrophe

OpenAI has assembled a team aimed at averting the doomsday from artificial intelligence (AI) as the organization expresses concern over the possible destruction of humanity due to rogue AI technology.

According to OpenAI, AI has the potential to evolve into superintelligence, perhaps the most significant technological leap humanity has ever made, providing solutions to important global dilemmas.

however, Ilya Sutskever and Jan Leik from OpenAI There have been warnings that humans are insufficiently equipped to contend with technology beyond their cognitive abilities.

AI has the potential to evolve into super intelligence. (Image: “Terminator 3” by twm1340)

The threat of super-intelligent AI

The OpenAI team recognizes the imminent threat of super-intelligent AI and acknowledges that they currently have no solution to control or redirect its behavior. Existing AI tuning methods, such as human response reinforcement learning, rely on human supervision. Yet, as AI systems surpass humans in intelligence, this oversight becomes unreliable.

Mister. Sutskever, co-founder and chief scientist at OpenAInext Mister. Leake, Head of Tuning Department at OpenAIEstablish a group of researchers and engineers, overcoming the technical barriers of superintendence. He has set a time frame of four years for the team to achieve this objective.

While the prospect of humanity becoming extinct is worrisome, OpenAI’s leaders take an optimistic view of finding a solution. He firmly believes that this problem can be solved with focused and concerted efforts. Encouraging concepts and early experiments, coupled with measurable progress and the ability to study these challenges empirically using current AI models, increase their courage.

Mister. Sutskever and Mr. Leakey emphasizes his unwavering commitment to widely disseminating the results of his work. OpenAI is actively recruiting research engineers, scientists, and managers who have an interest in preventing AI dominance or the extinction of humanity. In addition, OpenAI has announced the wide availability of its most powerful AI model, GPT-4, with the intention of making it more accessible to developers.

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