Prince Harry’s visa is being challenged in court by conservative group! They want to kick him out of the US! Perez Hilton

It is possible prince harry get deported?!

The US government will go to court next week to deal with speculation over the royal family’s visa application!

Heritage FoundationA conservative think tank in Washington DC filed a lawsuit against him President Joe BidenThe government will force the authorities to release the Duke of Sussex’s immigration files – and the matter will go to court! They are particularly interested in seeing how Harry arrived in the United States, despite answering a question about drug use. And now representatives from a company and the government will meet in front of a federal judge on June 6 to resolve the matter. Very good!

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Neil GardinerDirector of Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom At the Heritage Foundation, the news was revealed Twitter On Tuesday, share:

“BREAKING NEWS: @Heritage @OversightPR Hearing in Prince Harry Immigration Files case to be held in Washington, DC Federal Court on Tuesday, June 6 at 2:30 PM in Courtroom 17 before a US Federal Judge. Hearing is open. Press. “

The decision to open up the immigration documents could have huge consequences for Harry too! As in: It may affect their legal right to live in California!

In March, the foundation began questioning his immigration status after Harry revealed in his memoir reserve and subsequent interviews that he was messing around with drugs. In the memoir, the 38-year-old confessed to experimenting with cocaine, marijuana, magic mushrooms and ayahuasca, all of which are banned or banned in the US. then he sat down with Doctor. Gabriel MateA trauma doctor who treats mental illness patients with ayahuasca to discuss how some of the drugs have helped her cope with mental health issues. megan markleDuring a frank conversation the husband said:

“[Cocaine]didn’t do anything for me. It was a social thing and definitely made me feel included. I think it probably made me feel disconnected from what I did too, which was kind of The thing is. Marijuana is otherwise, which really helped me.

Prior to this, there were always rumors of Harry’s drug abuse, but he denied these reports. With his secret out in the open, the conservatory is trying to find out if he lied about his application or got an exception. As part of their argument, the Heritage Foundation argues that there is “overwhelming public interest” in Harry’s response.

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In case you didn’t know, applicants for a visa to live and work in the US must check a box that answers “yes” or “no” about past drug use, which is alleged is read on daily Mail. com,

“Have you ever been or have been a drug abuser or addict?”

Of course, experimenting with drugs here and there and being a drug addict are two different things, but this question still looms large in the process! And if Harry got caught in a lie, that would be problematic too!

That said, admitting drug use does not mean you will be deported from the US, although it is taken very seriously. Entry can be denied after a personal interview at a US consulate or official immigration office, where a waiver can be granted. It’s also unclear which form Harry filled out (which could change what kind of answer he had to give). So, did he lie or get special treatment!? Depending on how the hearing goes, we may almost have an answer! What do you think will happen?! Sound off (down)!

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