Queen Charlotte Review: India Amartefio, Corey Mylchrist Star in Best Bridgerton Show Ever

India Amartefio, Corey Mylchrist in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. (Netflix)

Season 1 was all about violent sex, while Season 2 dialed it down and focused on restraint. The Queen Charlotte spinoff has struck the right balance, portraying young love and human desire in a very poetic way.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story | Director: tom verica

mould: India Amartefio, Corey Mylchrist, Golda Rocheuvel, Adjoa Andoh, Arsema Thomas

Spoilers ahead!

Buckle up your shorts, dearest Gentle Reader, your favorite historical romance is back!

“This is the story of Queen Charlotte of Bridgerton. This isn’t a history lesson – it’s fiction driven by fact. All liberties taken by the author are deliberate. enjoy.”

This disclaimer begins the voice of Lady Whistledown (Julie Andrews) Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Together. The message is to make one thing clear, Shonda Rhimes’ retelling of history with people of color as high ranking members of Regency Era England is purely for entertainment purposes and needs to be criticized as fiction , not to investigate historical inaccuracies. Rhimes, who wrote most of the spinoff prequel series, has clearly had enough of it.

With that little announcement, the showrunner throws all hopes of historical accuracy out the window, from its six-episode long show — which stars India Amartefio, Corey Milechrist, Golda Rocheuvel, Adjoa Andoh, Arsema Thomas — so only one The only thing one can do is get an idea of ​​what a nice watch this is.

The nearly six-hour-long series follows the tumultuous marriage of Queen Charlotte and King George, and how it stands the test of time. It takes place in a parallel timeline, the main one being in the past of Queen Charlotte, a 17-year-old youth (Bharat Amartefio) who is betrothed by her brother Adolphus (Tunji Kasim) to King George III of England (Corey) without her consent. Had given. Mylchreest) as part of something called The Great Experiment. The second timeline follows present-day Queen Charlotte’s Bridgerton reality where she is surrounded by her children and trying to marry them off in order to be their heir after being admonished by Lady Whistledown for not providing an heir to the Crown. May be

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Teenage Charlotte is quite the headstrong girl, and she decides to run away from her wedding before she is stopped by handsome King George, whose smile can melt the coldest hearts, so our young queen easily falls for his charms. is, not knowing that he will soon leave her. And their hot-cold, disgusting-scheduled-sex-filled relationship unfolds.

'Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story' review: A richer, deeper prequel - The Hollywood Reporter

Young Charlotte is rough around the edges but still has an air of authority as her older self, as for her fashion sense, while not as sophisticated and eccentric as she was when she got older, young Charlotte is still Also puts a lot of effort into her appearance and wardrobe. Costume designers Lynn Paolo and Laura Freamon’s myriad whimsical and historically accurate Regency-era costumes are another notable element of the show.

Once again the show features classic renditions of contemporary soundtracks, and this season we hear orchestral versions of many of Beyoncé’s songs including HELLO, Déjà Vu, RUN THE WORLD. Also featuring in the series are instrumental versions of Alicia Keys’ If I Haven’t Got You, SZA’s Nobody Gets Me and Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You. Most of the songs have been covered by the Vitamin String Quartet and Brian Chan and Caleb Chan.

'Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story': what's real and what's not?  - Los Angeles Times

Season 1 was all about violent sex, while Season 2 dialed it down and focused on restraint. queen charlotte The spinoff strikes a perfect balance, portraying young love and human desire in a very poetic way. Mylchreest does a great job of going from a well behaved king to a complete heretic with utter conviction, his painful laments of love for Charlotte will break your heart and bring tears to your eyes. There’s not as much nudity this season, but we are full-mooned, pun intended, by our young King George.

queen charlotte Should be a case study on how to make a show perfectly, focusing on the main plot but not saturating the audience. It puts the spotlight squarely on the lead pair, while seamlessly switching to other storylines, including my personal favorite, the romance between the King and Queen’s footmen, Reynolds (Freddie Dennis) and Brimsley (Sam Clemet).

What happened to Reynolds?  Queen Charlotte stars relationship explained - Netflix TudumFrom the moment the two hit the screen, it is clear that there is a hot romance on the horizon. Their chemistry is sizzling, and their tender love story will surely bring tears to your eyes. Rhimes is all about inclusivity and her inclusion of an LGBTQ love story in a very realistic way definitely deserves a special mention.

Another character who gets a worthy backstory is Agatha Danbury, we get to see her loveless marriage to an older man, her ego feud with Queen Charlotte’s mother-in-law, and her resulting journey to become the Queen’s closest confidante. Arsema Thomas is perfect casting for a young Lady Danbury, she is portrayed as a sharp-witted, honest and loyal woman who is far ahead of her time.

Unpacking *those* awesome Lady Danbury sex scenes in Queen Charlotte

The show beautifully portrays the sensitive relationship of women through the ages, how they are always expected to look a certain way, curb their desires and how they subtly tell each other that they are in this are together.

While Seasons 1 and 2 were originally led by Lady Whistledown’s titular narration, the spinoff’s lack of it is barely noticeable. Of course the show isn’t perfect and there are inconsistencies in tone, stories, and history, but nothing gets dragged on long enough to really be disturbing. Furthermore, the grandeur and spectacle of the entire show is of such a magnitude that you become involved in the world and overlook the inaccuracies almost willingly.

queen charlotte A story long forgotten is made relevant by adding elements that make it more relevant to our times. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this is the best out of the entire Bridgerton series.

Queen Charlotte is streaming on Netflix.

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