Reddit is killing the best way to read the site

Reddit is one of the biggest and most important websites in the world. Mainly because it’s one of the last places people can get questions answered by real people, So it sucks to see that the company is about to butcher many of the best ways to actually experience the whole thing.

For anyone using the site on a desktop computer, I think the Reddit experience is fine (“Old Reddit” is better), but everything changes on the phone. Official app of Reddit UselessAnd thoroughly annoyed by intrusive ads, which means a lot of people rely on the work of third-party apps like the incredibly popular Apollo on iOS and my own favorite, Infinity on Android, to browse and comment. Are.

Or did they. Those third-party apps only existed because Reddit gave them access to their API (essentially their backend, Today the site announced specific changes to that arrangement (previously widely announced last month), execution cost for data—Popular third-party app, similar to one offered by another platform with Twitter— which are so astronomical that they’re going to drive any third-party app out of the market.

The builder of Apollo did the math, and say,

I get to the point: 50 million requests cost $12,000, which is more than I could have ever imagined.

Apollo processed 7 billion requests last month, which equates to roughly $1.7 million per month, or $20 million per year. Even if I only had users on one plan, the average Apollo user uses 344 requests per day, which would cost $2.50 per month, which is more than double the cost of the current plan, So I’ll be in the red every month.

Meanwhile, one of the developers of RIF, another popular Android app, say that Not only do they cost (if Apollo can’t afford it, no one can), but Reddit is also rolling out a change where third-party apps will lose access to NSFW subreddits, while the official site won’t:

Remove sexually explicit content from third-party apps While the content resides in the official app, Some have speculated that NSFW is going to leave Reddit altogether, but why would Reddit Inc. have done so until recently? Comprehensive NSFW uploads support on their desktop site,

It is obvious That the steep prices, far more than these developers can or could ever afford, is not there to make money. Not when it was clear that no one could ever afford it. It is positioned to crush third-party alternatives, leading every mobile user to the official app where they are required to view ads or Pay for Reddit Premium,

Or, you know, stop going on Reddit.

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