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Another Minecraft game is on its way and it looks like a new action strategy game called Minecraft Legends. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming new Minecraft game.

Micraft Legends is set to appear at the 2023 Xbox Developer Direct event soon and many are already waiting for additional news if the game and more gameplay footage to see. With the recent success of Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft’s ever-growing community, game developer Mojang Studios has now introduced a more strategic Minecraft experience. Minecraft Legends is set to be an action strategy game this time around for the franchise.

During Minecraft Live 2022, there was talk of a release window within Minecraft Legends spring 2023 But we have news from an Xbox event in 2023 that the game has been locked for April 2023. The Game Awards finally released an exact date for the game and Minecraft Legend is officially ready to launch. April 18, 2023,

As per the trailers, Minecraft Legends will be available on Xbox, PC, Switch and PlayStation. It will also be available on Xbox Game Pass for those looking to get it.

As seen in the trailer, the game will be an action strategy experience, completely different from the Minecraft franchise. The once peaceful world of Minecraft has been taken over by Piglins and it is up to you to stop them from destroying the world you live in. You will work with a lot of companions as well as equipped perks to defeat different types of enemies. You will mostly ride your horse and kill enemies using the mechanics that many people have seen in the original Minecraft.

minecraft legends crossplay

As the Minecraft community knows, Minecraft is best enjoyed with your friends. So, if you are wondering whether the game has crossplay support or not, here are some details about it.

Minecraft Legends will have full cross-platform and crossplay on all platforms. This means that no matter which platform you and your friends are using to play the game, you can create a lobby and enjoy it together. Minecraft Legends will also be coming to Xbox Game Pass. As a result, you can either buy games from Steam or choose the Game Pass route. Just remember that you’ll need to be logged into your Microsoft account to enable crossplay. If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to create one to enable it.

Upon release, Minecraft Legends will be available on the following platforms:

  • nintendo switch
  • Playstation 4
  • playstation 5
  • windows
  • Xbox one
  • Xbox Series X | S

Compared to the wide selection of platforms for Minecraft, this list is still small, but if successful, the game may update to more platforms.

Of course, people may be asking if the game will feature an open world setting for the game. With the vast world of Minecraft Legend and plenty of explorable plains, there must be plenty of room for multiplayer gameplay to happen, right? So will Minecraft Legends have an open world? Yes, Minecraft Legends will have an open world style in both its traditional strategy experience and PvP sections. Of course the famous Minecraft franchise should have multiplayer so that people can enjoy the game to the fullest.

That’s it for Minecraft Legends for now.

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