Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens reveal who should eliminate Roman Reigns

Who should remove Roman Reigns as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion? Should it be a performer like Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, Sami Zayn or even Kevin Owens who has challenged for the strap in the past? A young debutant like Solo Sequoia or even Braun Breacher looking to add an “Undertaker’s WrestleMania Streak” level trophy to his resume? Or perhaps another option entirely, an international star looking to make an AJ Styles-like impact on the main roster?

Well, according to Kevin Owens in an interview with The Daily Mail, the answer is simple: it must be a uso,

“Either Jay or Jimmy,” said Kevin Owens via 411 Mania. “I think both of those guys deserve the world and they would both be fantastic universal world champions or whatever you want to call them – I forget what they say. I think they’ll be contenders for that spot, they’ll be very good at it and, to be honest, the way everything has progressed and the heights they’ve reached, it certainly wouldn’t seem out of place. So I think it would definitely be a good idea.

When asked the same question, Zayn agreed, noting that, after seeing performers like him, Cody Rhodes, and Drew McIntyre drop the ball in the past year, ensuring a victory by a member of The Bloodline was the most important thing for the storyline. makes more sense.

“I think from a character and story perspective, it makes sense at this point to see Jimmy or Jay do it. I think there have been a lot of characters in the last three years who could have had a very fitting ending. I think I was one, Cody Rhodes was one, Drew McIntyre was probably one – maybe not entirely because of the overarching story – but there have been moments and people – even Kevin – have had points. Where it might put a stop to the story, the culmination of this whole thing. But, at this point, after everything else, it seems like Jimmy or Jay would be the best fit for the story.

Are Zayn and Owens on to something? Well, considering that Jey Uso challenged his uncle to a “trial by combat” after brutally beating Jimmy. smack downIt certainly looks like things are firmly pointed in that direction.

Sami Zayn reveals why his initial shows in Saudi Arabia didn’t quite live up to his standards.

In an interview with Inside the Ropes’ Alex McCarthy discussing WWE’s recent premium live event schedule, Sami Zayn revealed how much it was a big deal to show up night of champions in Saudi Arabia, seeing that the show integrated seamlessly into the WWE calendar, while some of the previous Saudi shows did not live up to expectations.

“It was a big deal for me for many reasons. The whole journey was truly remarkable. I think, on some level, even as a kid, being an Arab or a Muslim, never saw a positive representation of it in the media. I always believed that if I got into WWE I would have to play a terrorist – I don’t know if you can use that or not, but you know what I’m saying – this Arab and Muslim perception And there was illustration. Forget television, WWE, just in the media. It was always going through my mind, ‘Man, I’d love to change that one day.’ To really be able to embrace it,” Zayn said via Fightful.

“The fact that a major premium live event like that was coming, and it wasn’t like…the opening shows in Saudi Arabia didn’t sound like WWE. ‘Here’s a WWE show happening somewhere else,’ and We were able to see it. Now, that was a seamless part of the show. It was a progression in the story with bloodlines and everything else, and it happened in Saudi Arabia. To converge with this wonderful story, part of which I’ve been fortunate enough to be there for the last year, for it to converge with this moment that I’m able to come out in front of my people and be there and make that kind of comeback, under those circumstances, it’s very special. Was.

After running a Saudi show that included matches such as DX vs. The Brothers of Destruction and one of Goldberg’s worst matches ever wrestling The Undertaker, night of champions This was arguably the most complete show WWE ever ran in the Kingdom, with very little fan service that felt out of place on the card. If Paul “Triple H” Levesque keeps up with his booking philosophy and Zayn keeps showing up, he could be one of the highlights of the calendar year going forward.

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