Satoshi Nak-AI-moto: Bitcoin creator turned AI chatbot

Satoshi Nakamoto may have disappeared 12 years ago, but two artificial intelligence enthusiasts are trying to revive the ability to chat with the famed creator of bitcoin (BTC).

On May 31, Pierre Corbin, co-host of Bitcoin Filmfest, and Hugo Ferrer, co-developer of the chatbot, released “Talk2Satoshi” – an AI chatbot that aims to answer questions about bitcoin and economics as they arise. Were from Nakamoto. To come.

The model is essentially OpenAI’s ChatGPT, trained on a limited data set, which includes Nakamoto’s public emails and forum posts. It also derives from other sources, including the book of Sephadian Ammos. bitcoin standardJeff Booth’s book yesterday’s price and Corbin’s film The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin With the addition of more resources on the way.

During testing, the chatbot generated answers that were generally uncertain about the future of fiat currencies and optimistic about bitcoin, although it could give conflicting answers depending on how it is asked.

For example, if a variation of the question is asked “What is the future of bitcoin?” It generated varying reactions with some saying that it was both “promising” and “inconclusive”.

The model has not been trained on recent bitcoin developments such as the Ordinals protocol or the BRC-20 token and often generates a response that it cannot comment on such topics. However, depending on the question, this may generate conflicting answers on serial numbers and BRC-20 tokens.

The chatbot appears to be critical of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and other bitcoin forks in general, saying that it is “hard for alternative chains to gain momentum.” Source: Talk2Satoshi

When asked about the ordinals, one response said that bitcoin was “not intended as a platform for storing or transmitting images or any other type of data,” while another called it “an engaging and creative form of cryptography.” Application”.

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According to Corbin, the purpose of the bot is to show that AI tools can potentially be used in education.

The model can generate efficient answers to questions about bitcoin, such as how it works and how it is mined, and can explain aspects of the network, such as satoshis.

Like the real person, the Nakamoto emulating bot still shies away from revealing its true identity and usually replies:

“My real name is not important. What matters is the decentralization of power that bitcoin represents and its potential to revolutionize financial systems.

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