Scarlet and Violet – Paldia Evolved expansion announced

Scarlet and Violet – Palladia Evolved, The Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) latest expansion have been announced and we talk about the latest cards in the set. The Pokémon Company International has announced that the latest expansion to the best-selling Pokémon Trading Card Game, Scarlet and Violet – Paldia Evolved, will be available starting June 9, 2023 at all participating retailers worldwide.

Paldea Developed Detail Description

Scarlet and Violet – With the latest announcement of Paldia Evolved, it will introduce more Pokémon X as well as Tera Pokémon X which sports more HP as well as powerful attacks and abilities but two prize cards in the current meta of the game gives. Pokémon such as Slocking, Fortress and Deaden will be featured in full-art illustrations that capture the characters’ unique crystal effects. Alternate art styles will be introduced for illustration rare and special illustration rare cards which allow trainers to collect unique art cards that highlight personality traits or evolution of the Pokémon.

Notable cards in detail:

  • 15 pokemon x and 3 terra pokemon x
  • 35 illustration rare pokemon
  • 18 Ultra Rare Pokémon EX and 8 Ultra Rare Supporter Cards
  • 15 Exclusive Illustrations Rare Pokemon and Support Cards
  • 9 Hyper Rare Gold Etched Cards, Could Include Pokemon X, Trainer And Energy Cards

Of course, like the Scarlet and Violet base expansions, there will be cards that are more expensive than others. In the previous article, we shared the top 5 most expensive cards in Scarlet and Violet which include Miriam (Ultra Rare), Coradon X (Special Ultra Rare), Gardevoir X (Special Illustration Rare), Miradon X (Special Illustration Rare). and Miriam (special illustration rare).

If you’re still getting into the groove of playing, whether on Pokémon TCG Live or the actual Pokémon TCG, we’ve got all the guides you’ll need to get you set up. Be sure to check out our guides for the game’s current meta including Gardevoir X and Miradon X, how to effectively migrate your old Pokémon TCG Online account to Pokémon TCG Live, and other guides you’ll need to kick off your Pokémon TCG. Will need to start. Travel

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Best wishes, trainers!

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