Shannon Sharpe is leaving FS1’s ‘Undisputed’

Shannon Sharpe’s partnership with Skip Bayless is about to end soon.

Sources told The Post that Sharp and Fox Sports, the parent company of FS1, which airs “Undisputed,” have reached a buyout agreement.

Sharp’s final show is expected to take place after the 2023 NBA Finals kick off in June.

Sharp’s popular “Club She She” podcast, which attracts a large audience on social media and YouTube, will also leave Fox Sports, a source said.

The show featured public friction between Sharp and Bayless after Bills’ safety Damer Hamlin collapsed on the field in a Week 17 game against the Bengals.

Bayless, in a stream-of-consciousness tweet sent after Hamlin’s fall but before the rest of the game was cancelled, wrote, “There is no doubt that the NFL is considering postponing the rest of this game — but How? At the end of the season, a game of this magnitude so crucial to the outcome of the regular-season … that suddenly seems so irrelevant.

Shannon Sharpe’s breakup with Fox Sports 1’s ‘Undisputed’ is imminent.
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Sharpe stayed at the house the next morning “undisputed”; When he returned a day later, he said he wished Bayless would delete the tweet, while Bayless said he stood by it.

Sharpe said, “I can’t even do a monologue without you interrupting me.”

The two then had a disagreement over whether the FS1 owners wanted Bayless to provide an explanation for the tweet.

At the time, there were many armchair observers, including former FS1 host Marcellus Wiley, who predicted that the couple was headed for a breakup.

“It’s primal. It’s two alphas fighting for territory,” Wiley said on Instagram. “It’s about power. Because that dynamic of power has shifted in that show, be it real or fictional. Right now, we are all watching the fight for it. let’s see who leaves undeniable.

People close to Sharpe said privately that he did not want to be the undisputed leader on the show, but wanted to equalize with Bayless in the program’s topic selection.

Shannon Sharpe
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Another element that led to bleeding between the two was the fact that Sharp is closer to LeBron James, whose performance Bayless has been a tough grader over the years.

After Bayless left his ESPN “First Take” partnership with Stephen A. Smith in 2016 to join FS1, Sharp, 54, was the undisputed choice to join Bayless as co-host on “Undisputed.” .

Sharp had filled in for Smith in debating Bayless on the program, and the two had dynamic chemistry, plus, in a rarity, “first take” viewership did not fall off the set with one of the hosts. .

Shannon Sharpe on Fox Sports 1's Undisputed
Sharp and co-host Skip Bayless have been at odds for months.

Sharp is a three-time Super Bowl champion, a four-time All-Pro, and an inductee into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Spokespeople for Sharp, Bayless and Fox Sports did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

It is unclear at this time what FS1 will do to replace Sharpe on the show.

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