Southeast Spotlight: Five most contested recruiting battles

The official touring season is just around the corner, and while many recruits are coming to an end, a host of others are getting more competitive by the day. Here’s a closer look at five of the most hotly contested recruiting battles in the Southeast.

Contenders: Georgia, Alabama, Tennesseeclemson, usc

This two-way star has had many speculations on his college destination over the years at this point. Mathews has four June official visits on deck, which is likely to tilt the conversation towards an event or two as opposed to a handful of contenders.

Matthews already has visits scheduled for every contender except Alabama, which could be an indicator of where he is headed from a decision-making standpoint. From the outside looking in, tracking visits and driving conversations around a profitable position is the first impression or the last impression. For Matthews, it could also render Clemson and Tennessee, respectively, the two programs with the most confidence in the race at the moment. There is an indication that Five Star is looking to end its recruiting later this summer, so coming out of those trips it will be the program in the best shape to get good news. Should Matthews be stopped, it would become one of the most tracked battles during the season.


Contenders: Ohio State, miami, Florida, Florida State

The feature is full of big-time events focused on five-star potential, and Trader’s recruiting has gone through a lot of twists and turns relative to the others already listed. He has been treated as a package deal with Jeremiah Smith, an Ohio State commitment, linked to local Miami as the starting priority. Mario Cristobal And now there’s talk of construction for both Florida and Florida State ahead of return visits to those campuses. Traders have more informal tours on the upcoming schedule than officials, who have also held firm to a late, December and/or National Signing Day type decision timeline.

The wide-open plan leaves as much room for pecking order fluctuations among the quartet as opportunity for a new program to insert itself into the conversation. The case for Ohio State and Miami seems a little clearer as soon as the merchant kicks things off, but sources at rivals in South Florida say Florida State is most likely alive at the moment. If Trader sticks to the scheme of making late decisions, he could be the type of swing recruiting that decides national recruiting winners or even recruiting state championships among the big three in Florida.


Contenders: Georgia, Alabamaclemson, Ohio Stateauburn

This recruitment was set up as a classic five-star battle in many ways. Bolden would choose between elite programs near his North Georgia home, let summer officials tour Duke and scout out opportunities before the start of the new season. That plan will likely recruit in-state Georgia, rival Alabama and rival Clemson, but there are new elements to watch as one of the best in the South.

Has family ties to Ohio State, a program already proven capable of plunging into SEC country for elite talent, and Auburn’s first-year staff considering Bolden’s unofficial visits and the prospect of an now-season AU trip Playing pretty well. later this year. The latter puts a decision timeline deeper into 2023, when new elements could affect a theoretically winning program, from on-field impressions to zero clarity (or the lack thereof) and plenty in between. Should the latter decision exist due to simple logistics, it would be somewhat of a surprise if Bolden isn’t on Georgia, ‘Bama or Clemson’s commitment list when all is said and done.


Contenders: Ohio Statemichigan, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Texas A&M, ole miss

Seaton is wide open on both the Contenders and timeline fronts. This makes this stage of his recruitment feel somewhat insignificant compared to others on the list, but there are plans to honor the ever-growing program with a summer official visit. After that point, Seaton says he’d rather take college sooner rather than later in-season trips.

Big Ten powers along with Georgia and Alabama have been on their mind for the longest time. New SEC contenders like Florida, Texas A&M and Ole Miss have infused increased versatility with Florida since making the move. A loose timeline will allow for twists and turns from the new events included, but don’t sleep on the blue-bloods with a long time at play here. Specifically, the states of Georgia, Alabama and Ohio, which are projected to remain at or near the top no matter how long the race goes. As the season draws to a close, proximity to an SEC country lends another layer of confidence to those programs as additional tours remain to be scheduled.


Contenders: Georgiaclemson, Tennessee, Ohio State, oklahoma

Tennessee hosted Brown for his official visit and impressed, but was it enough for State to close the gap with Georgia and fellow longtime contender Clemson? We’re not sure, and we know the race is going to end sooner than any other elite recruit on this list. Upcoming trips to the other four programs could put a dent in the race for this two-way, multi-sport star, but it could be an uphill climb for programs away from Jefferson, Ga.

Brown’s recruiting has long been viewed as an uphill battle, and we don’t see kirby smart Most of this is being lost within state lines – especially on defense. Clemson appears right there, and dabo swinney‘s program will be hosting Brown this weekend, so if anyone comes to visit, this is the next one. Ohio State and Oklahoma have already stopped with their trips, but it’s the next two we look to determine this race. Brown visited Athens the weekend of June 9, a week after his time in Death Valley. Those two programs also happen to be where he’s most familiar, which is a big deal for a long-reputed, well-traveled talent like a linebacker.

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