‘Teen Mom’: Leah Messer Finds Out Her Ex-Fiancée Jaylan Mobley ‘Cheated’ On Her

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Teen Mom: The Next Chapter In July, the audience got a special treat. 19, when MTV aired two back-to-back episodes to start the new season. macy checking out, Cheyenne Floyd, briana jesus, Jade cline, kellyn lowell, Sky port wood, Ashley JonesAnd Leah Messer All the latest shows are back for a second season teen Mom franchise, and we like what we’re seeing so far. So let’s delve deeper into this and recap what every mom went through in the second half of the Season 2 premiere.

Leah Messer

Leah begins the season in an unexpected way by reuniting with her ex-fiancé Jaylan mobile, Even though they broke up, she still wanted to maintain a friendship with him. And since he’s still talking to his daughters, he invites her to his upcoming birthday party. But shortly after, she found out that he had “betrayed” her by presenting a fake document of the house they shared after his proposal, so she immediately invited him saying that she had no right to show his face at the birthday party. And yet, we still don’t know exactly why they broke up, because Leah signed a non-disclosure agreement after they broke up, and it legally binds her to say anything about it.

briana dejesus

Afterwards devon Austin Telling Brianna that he has feelings for her, he asks her out to dinner with him. His mother, roxanne, wasn’t happy about it at all, but Briana went anyway. And during this dinner party, Devin tells Brianna that he’s had feelings for her ever since they broke up a decade ago — she just never followed through. She was happy, but he told her that he still had a lot of work to do before they could enjoy a romantic relationship with each other. She also suggested some family counseling, and he completely agreed to that. He even said he would call his rehabilitation counselor to help him set it up.

jade clin

After Jade got into an argument with her mother while shopping for a wedding dress, she thought – for some reason – that it would be a good idea to invite her mother along for a cake tasting. But as soon as they get in the car together, Jade starts having panic attacks and great anxiety. When they cake arrived late, Jade’s mother started coughing profusely, so she went out. Jade felt very lonely and got a little emotional when she tasted the cake for herself. His mother, christieIn fact she never came back and Jade had to choose the flavor of the cake all alone.

cheyenne floyd

Cheyenne sat in the back seat of his ex-wife, Corey Wharton, this week, as much of her storylines revolved around her and her daughter’s upcoming surgery. Corey went to his mother’s house in Michigan ridingand the eldest daughter he shares with his girlfriend Tailor SelfridgesSo she kept an eye on Taylor when he traveled back to LA to take Taylor and the newborn to the hospital. Spell, However, while in Michigan they learn Maya is down with a virus, so her surgery is postponed. At least they all got a chance to meet his mom, right?

Ashley Jones

This week Ashley revealed the boyfriend (or husband?) bar Blacksmith avoided a six-year prison sentence by agreeing to 100 hours of community service. We don’t really remember if he even got some sort of probation and fine, but we do know that the bar struggled to keep track of his hours. And if he doesn’t complete them in three months, he’ll lose the plea deal and face the first sentence. However, Ashley didn’t seem too worried. She told her sister that if Barr went to prison, she would stay in Vegas and continue nursing school.

Amber Portwood and Caitlin Lowell

None of these ladies appeared in part two, but check out our recap of part one to find out what they’ve been up to so far this season.

want more? new episodes of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Airs Wednesdays at 8 PM on MTV.

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