The 8 Most Epic Succession Moments To Catch On To The Max, Ranked

Succession has just ended its four-season run on Max with an epic series finale, leaving its fans with nothing much to look forward to in the coming weeks. Even if that’s the case, there’s still plenty of entertainment to be had from revisiting the show and its compelling characters. We take a look at the best Succession moments to look forward to binge-watching the award-winning series.

The 8 Most Epic Succession Moments To Catch On To The Max, Ranked

8. Pigs on the Floor

Back in Succession Season 2 Episode 3, Logan Roy and his senior management team retreat to Hungary. Over dinner there, the CEO of Vestar Royco got stabbed in the back when it came to getting the PGM. This gave them the idea to pit Greg, Tom and Carl against each other in a game they called Boar on the Floor.

Logan then humiliates the three by ordering them to squeal like pigs and fight over sausage, with the first to win said game. This happens as everyone cheers them on as Logan continues to teach them a lesson against going against him. In the end, there is no winner as all three end up with their tails behind their respective legs, with Logan dominating them all in a show of power.

6. Tom finds out he’s not going to jail

For most of Succession Season 3, the emphasis has been on the prospect of Tom Wambsgans going to prison, to hell and back. This comes after he was seen as a potential scapegoat for cruise scandal Vestar passed. But because Kendall had promised more than his possible testimony and was not able to deliver what the government wanted, Logan and his company escaped further investigation from the said issue.

The revelation that he will no longer be sent to prison causes Tom to meet at Greg’s office and go berserk in the most fun and epic way. After turning the office table, Tom would spend a few minutes letting go of the fear and anxiety that had built up inside him as Greg watched in amazement. In a way, Succession fans were hugely relieved as one of the series’ beloved characters was finally relieved of a tremendous burden.

5. OG Ko L

Looking at the entire succession scenario, one might expect that it is about business and serious stuff. While that’s true, especially in the show’s most captivating moments, there are still light-hearted scenes that don’t take anything away from the Max series. In Dundee, a tribute is being held for Logan and all he has done in his life. For her part, Kendall surprised everyone by putting on a hat and started rapping on stage.

Within moments, viewers of Succession may have found themselves singing along to the catchy song Kendall composed for her father. And while Roman and other members of the Roy family were crying over it, Kendall managed to bring something a little different to the entire series through her tribute to Logan. Seriously, this was an OG moment for the Max show.

4. Tom’s Betrayal

Along with all the worry of going to jail, Tom was always mocked by the Roy family and emotionally abused by Shiva in their marriage. With her sleeping around and making him feel less than a husband, it only makes sense for Tom to consider his future at the company at some point in succession.

This came in handy when Tom learned that the siblings would stop Logan from selling the company and told him before he could make any move. His betrayal leaves Kendall, Shiva, and Roman out of influence, leading the three to strike out on their own by purchasing PGM. Tom, for his part, regains Logan’s good graces and moves on from where he used to be. While the betrayal hurts, the revelation that it was Tom who helped Logan win over his kids was a surprising development that brought the Season 3 finale to new levels of terrifying.

3.. Kendall’s press conference

Throughout Season 2, we’ve seen Kendall somehow castrated by Logan following the climactic Season 1 finale where he was involved in the death of a waiter. At that point Kendall was a shell of himself as he meekly went along with his father’s wishes. That behavior changed without warning when Kendall was forced to fall cruise scandalEven if he went the extra mile to defend his father before the Congressional hearings.

During the press conference, Kendall was to admit her involvement in the scandal and fall for Waystar Royko. Instead, he tagged his father as complicit in all the alleged crimes being thrown at the company, effectively turning the tables on him and his family. This turning point was born out of a season-long battle for Kendall as she lashed out at her father and siblings for all the failures she had previously committed. With that release, Kendall’s arc in season 3 becomes a lot more interesting than just being a lapdog for her father’s use.

2. Logan’s Death

Succession is about Logan and how he will succeed in the event of his death. Although the show came close to it in the first season, his departure had become a reality before Season 4 reached its halfway point. The CEO of Waystar Royco begins Season 4 Episode 3 on a trip to see Lucas Mattson and passes away on the plane ride there. While fans were holding out hope that this was not true as the episode progressed, the final scene confirmed that Logan did indeed die.

The resulting loss threw each of the characters in succession off their orbit. The display of grief and emotion, especially among Logan’s children, was a masterpiece in the acting of each and every one of them. Lastly, fans of the Max series couldn’t help but be struck by the seriousness of Logan’s death. It serves as a testament to just how awful this moment in Succession really is.

1. Shiva and Roman prepare the perfect meal for Kendall

When it comes to succession, it’s mostly the moments that smack of sadness, betrayal, or dark comedy. There are only a few scenes in the Max series that warm the hearts of viewers everywhere in one way or the other. The best moment ever was shared between the three Roy siblings in the kitchen of their mother’s Caribbean home. With Kendall securing Shiva and Roman’s permission to become CEO, the two prepare a meal fit for a king filled with different ingredients that end up as a disgusting mix. As the scene progresses, fans are lulled into a false hope that they’ve finally figured things out and that their future might look better than where they were when the succession began.

But remember this is Succession, one of the bleakest shows on streaming, and their short-lived union ended in utter heartbreak and misery. But even if it is, the meal fit for a king scene remains an epic memory not just for Kendall, Shiva, and Roman, but for fans of the series everywhere.

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