‘The Cheating Game’ stars victims of infidelity: don’t blame yourself

Being in a romantic relationship is something Julie Anne San Jose considers “sacred.” Therefore, he said, infidelity is not a negotiable matter.

“We have our own personal definitions of cheating. But for me, cheating is non-negotiable – once it’s done, it’s done,” she said at a recent online conference for the upcoming romantic drama film “The Cheating Game”, which will hit the theaters on Wednesday.

Although she didn’t mention any specific personal experiences, Julie Anne suspects that most people have probably been duped in some way. How do we deal with such a situation?

“Cheating is a hard thing for me… I think we’ve all been in that situation, not just in relationships, but in life in general. We have our own coping mechanisms. You have to have people around you who support you. It’s important to have a system: your friends, family, loved ones. They are the ones who will be with you in your struggle.

Revere Cruz, Julie Anne’s leading man and true friend, echoed her sentiments, adding that sometimes experience can be the best teacher — which is a tough one.

“You can learn lessons from the experience, which can better equip you to deal with these things in future relationships. We can be blind in love. But in a way, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” he said.

form of lie

But what is considered cheating? For supporting stars Martin del Rosario and Vinwin Marquez, the cheating isn’t necessarily limited to the presence of a third party. It can also come across as a lie.

“It is also fraud to lie, conceal the truth or omit details to make your case more convincing. It’s not just about having an affair. I have experienced that kind of fraud. Lying is also a sin. How can you have peace of mind in a relationship when the other person hides so many things from you? Martin said.

As Vinwin said, lying can be just as painful. “I’ve been through it: stories with lies, missing details. And if something happens repeatedly, you can break the relationship,” she said.

martin del rosario

And in those moments she chooses to let go of all her emotions. “I want to feel emotions, so I’ll cry, let the sadness out. Once I free myself from this, I know I will be fine. And then I find other things to focus my energy on, like singing or dancing – anything that can help me better myself,’ she said.

Often, people who have been cheated on blame themselves or harbor deep insecurities. Don’t fall into this trap.

excuse yourself

Like Julie, I consider cheating to be non-negotiable. Martin said, “I can forgive a man with a Balkan leg.” “Don’t let it affect your self-esteem. I know many people who blame themselves or point out their shortcomings in order to understand what happened. Do not do this. If that person had any problem with you, he could have told you instead of cheating.

Julie Anne stresses that forgiving a partner who made a mistake can be an important part of moving on, but one must also learn to forgive oneself.

“Take all the time and space you need. Allow yourself to heal and forgive the person who wronged you. But you also have to learn to forgive yourself. Eventually you will be able to move on. And hopefully it won’t happen again,” he said.

More importantly, don’t let such experiences make you wary of falling in love again, Winwin said. “Don’t be afraid to love or be loved. That’s when you start getting scared of relationships. Don’t be afraid to try again.”

Conceived by Shao Masula and directed by Rod Marmol, “The Cheating Game” is the first big screen offering from GMA Public Affairs. Described as a “dive deep into the psyche of two betrayed individuals”, the project also sheds light on “the games people play after being cheated on”, offering a “more mature and realistic” view of modern dating.

San Jose (right) with Vinwin Marquez.

San Jose (right) with Vinwin Marquez.

The story follows Hope (Julie Anne), an idealistic young professional who hopes to change the world through the NGO she co-founded with her fiancé Brian (Martin). Just then a sex video surfaces online in which Brian is seen with another woman.

‘breath of fresh air’

Heartbroken, Hope starts over again and pursues a career as a content producer at a media company that, unknown to her, operates as a troll factory next door. And as she vows never to be fooled by a man again, she creates a cheat sheet about cheaters, which she uses as a guide as she moves through the dating world.

She meets Miguel (Raver), a self-made businessman who has everything it takes to be the perfect partner. But as they grow closer, Hope begins to uncover long-hidden secrets. How will career woman Vanessa (Winwyn) play a role in his life?

“We started shooting before the pandemic and resumed this year… I’m so excited and grateful,” said Julie Anne, who described working with Raver on a film as “a breath of fresh air.” “People see us mostly on RVs, at events. This time we act as actors. inquiry

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