The Great War is once again trying to bring WW1 to video games

for such an important period in human history First world war Relatively little service is provided by video games. Especially since the defining theater of the conflict – the horrific trench warfare of the Western Front – is nearly impossible to replicate in the medium.

I mean you can do remake it, a lot of games have it, but the problem is – and I’m sorry for the awful lack of source material, but we’re talking about video games, so I’ll have to – it’s boring . Most other forms of warfare throughout human history have turned into games of great strategy because they have some degree of mobility. That’s what makes them sports. You can flank, drive, surround and retreat. There are immediate and actionable strategies you can use.

On the other hand, the Western Front was a meat grinder. Attacks involving thousands of men could result in gains of a few yards. was a huge strategic The effort supporting the war, from recruitment to production to global supply lines, does but little to the player in a strategic sense. doingSo almost every game based on combat was slow, bad, or both.

this brings us The Great War: Western FrontPetroglyph, a new strategy game from the studio behind Star Wars: Empire at War And Universe at War: Earth Assault, It tries to tackle the subject from a slightly different perspective, which I can best describe as “Total War meets Tower Defense”.

The strategic aspect is where you assemble your army before venturing into RTS battle
screenshot, the great war

The game is divided into two parts. There’s a strategic aspect, where you move armies around a map in a turn-based system, and when two armies meet, the action zooms into real-time combat. This RTS element has two phases; There is a planning and construction phase, where you design a network of trenches and firing positions, and a combat phase, where you deploy units on the field and control them in real time.

Strategic stuff is fine. It works, it’s that simple. It’s the RTS side of things that’s most interesting, though, and it’s where the game both shines and ultimately collapses.

The design and build material, in an imaginative way, is the highlight. Imagine a historical killing machine built to resemble a Lego set. You are given a map and can build trench networks on it, choose the type of trench, map out supporting supply trenches, place machine gun nests, worry about the location of artillery batteries. if it was PlayAnd had the battles been later decided as some kind of flood management/tower defense title, I think this could have been the best World of War game ever made.

The RTS combat itself is a bit of a disappointment (although it’s great to see a game with so much Australian representation, something strategy games lack!)
screenshot, the great war

Unfortunately, the moment a fight actually begins – perhaps as a prelude to actual conflict – everything falls apart. You control individual units, not entire ranks of men, and most of the game involves moving them around the map, which takes up the effort of your time. Horrible artillery support Just now Correct. The problem is that these units behave strangely, have trouble entering or staying in trenches and are a nightmare to control, while the AI’s own tactics are often somehow worse than the AI’s. On actual battlefields 100 years ago.

It totally sucks life, which is a shame! Lots of great ideas here and the presentation is surprisingly serious. are very informative company of HeroesThe stylized 2D cutscenes, and the developers walk the line between respecting the magnitude of the conflict and conveying its brutality in video game form as well as every other WW1 release I can remember.

The Great War: Western Front Available now on Steam and the Epic Games Store.


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