The release of the NFL schedule brings us an important step closer to a new season

Well now you know.

Now you, as well as any fan of the National Football League; Every coach, player, mascot and concessionaire knows who will be playing against whom during the 2023 season. And suddenly a new year of pro gridiron feels like just around the corner.

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It’s not there yet, really not, with 118 days separating us from the first kickoff and eight months before we know whether Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs will repeat themselves as champions, or If a brave usurper has secured the top position.

But Thursday’s NFL schedule release was, as always, much greater than the sum of its parts. It turns out to be a happy and fun affair, splashy and debate-worthy enough to hide the fact that we’ve got a whole summer before the action resumes.

In theory and for the uninitiated, the League’s method of telling us what the fixture list looks like seems like a decidedly difficult exercise in administrative proceedings.


It’s one thing, a legitimate calendar-circler of an event and if you don’t really believe in it, don’t worry at all, but, um, you’re kind of weird.

Because nothing quite sums up America’s absolute obsession with its favorite sport quite like its planned release. Other sports do not convey the same pomp and circumstance when scheduling their competitive calendars. In baseball, there are too many sports to make a lot of fuss about. The same goes for basketball and hockey. Appetite is different.

The lack of football – 17 matches come close to satisfying the public’s thirst – is its biggest draw. Each week seems to matter, so much so that the build begins now.

In the interest of fairness, the preponderance of pranks and nonsense and the fun of rubbing hands on objects that can be summed up in an ‘October’-like format. 15: @Bears, 12 noon,” indicates a specific type of addiction that has no cure.

Luckily, no one wants to be saved from the clutches of football. Thankfully, NFL teams and their content departments decide to use spring hibernation each year to prepare to turn the release of the schedule into a showdown for creative bragging rights.

Reveal videos have taken on a life of their own and this year’s collection was arguably the best yet. Everyone has their favourite; The Cowboys based everything around the TV series Yellowstone, the Chargers put together an anime production full of jokes and Easter eggs, and my No. 1 choice, the Tennessee Titans, based their logo recognition on teams based on random people on a Nashville street. asked the.

He mocked the horribly wrong answers for their actual schedule, telling everyone the Titans would play the Boston Bobcats (Cincinnati Bengals) on October 1, the Red Stallions (Atlanta Falcons) on October 29, and ahem, Lightning McQueen. (Los Angeles Chargers) in Week 2.

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All versatility aside, of course, there are legit blockbuster games that carry enough weight from months in advance. These things change over the course of the seasons as luck falls and ebbs, and they are influenced by personal choice, and honestly there are also a lot of great struggles to choose something.

However, the Week 6 showdown, where Aaron Rodgers’ New York Jets meet the Philadelphia Eagles (Oct. 15, 4:15 p.m. ET on Fox and the Fox Sports app), is hungry to take it a step further and win it this year. Is. All seem to be immune to the vagaries of the previous format.

Similarly, two weeks later, the NFL draft will be displayed with the primary Stallion numbers. No. 1 pick Bryce Young leading the Carolina Panthers against No. 1. 2 CJ Stroud’s Houston Texans (Oct. 29, 1 p.m. ET on Fox and the Fox Sports App) for what could serve as a glimpse into the future for fans of the franchise and neutral alike.

Vishal Vs. On Christmas Day the Eagles, 49ers Vs. Week 13 Eagles announcement ahead of NFL schedule release NFL on Fox

Kevin Burkhart and Erin Andrews announce two big games for Fox NFL this season, including the New York Giants vs. On Christmas Day the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers Vs. Eagles in week 13.

Perhaps the best way to look at the content scattered in the off-season is by releasing the schedule shortly after the draft, with September as a sort of staging post down the long road.

The lag can go on forever at times, but it certainly feels less when that batch of games is saved to your desktop, or pinned to your wall, or slapped on your fridge as a magnet. Is it, or have you done it.

Football is not back, and not as much as it seems. But when football fans are not watching the match most anticipate the match, and it is indeed moving forward again, already here, and now well underway.

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