The Righteous Gemstones season 3 episode 7 ending explained

Last week’s installment of The Righteous Gemstones saw Eli and his kids battling the myriad of troubles that only their family can create. Their world is getting smaller, it seems that everyone in the family needs to move on immediately. We take a look at The Righteous Gemstones Season 3 Episode 7 ending explained to know what will happen next in this Max series.

The Righteous Gemstones season 3 episode 7 ending explained

In this The Righteous Gemstones Season 3 Episode 7 recap, we see Judy heading to BJ’s care after getting medical supplies from a pharmacy. As she is driving, a demonic truck crushes her car, and she is then taken prisoner by several people. As this is happening, Calvin and Jesse are taken apart, with Chuck Montgomery handling the latter.

Inside Montgomery’s camp, Peter tells the Gemstone children that he is ransoming them to get the money from Eli. However, the next day, Keefe, Amber and BJ respectively suspect that something has happened to the Gemstone siblings. Martin then hands Peter the ransom video to Eli, prompting him to call Peter and demand a ransom of $15 million for the safety of his children.

Eli talks to May-May after the call and becomes furious at his sons’ betrayal. The police then arrive to take May-May into custody and question her about any possible involvement in the crime committed by her husband and sons. As a police officer interrogates Eli and his family to find out more about how they saved their children, baby Billy and Tiffany arrive to present their Bible-based game show.

After the meeting, Amber, BJ and Gideon talk to Keefe, and they all agree to rescue the gems from the Montgomerys. Meanwhile, Peter infuriates his men about the prospect of getting more money and drives them into a frenzy. Chuck and Carl then take Judy, Calvin and Jesse to humiliate them in front of Peter and his men. He then takes a snake to prove to the Gemstones his fears about Eli’s inadequately raised spoiled children.

As this is happening, Gideon sees May-May leaving the Ratna compound. He follows her to Camp Montgomery and finds his father’s old monster truck on the way. Meanwhile, Carl talks to the Gemstone children and reveals that he summoned May-May to free them. Before Peter and Chuck can stop them, Gideon comes out with the Redeemer and gives his family escape time.

What just happened? The Righteous Gemstones Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

After a series of incidents to gain the Gemstones’ trust, Chuck and Carl finally reveal their hand by kidnapping Jesse, Calvin, and Judy. In return, Peter demands a $15 million ransom from Eli to bring his children back safely. This makes the head of the family furious over his sons’ involvement in the crime in May-May.

As this is happening, Peter confronts the Gemstone children and says that Eli didn’t raise them right. Meanwhile, Gideon, Keefe, BJ and Amber agree to protect their loved ones from the Montgomerys. On her part, May-May takes it upon herself to extricate herself from Peter by rescuing her children. Gideon follows him, takes the Redeemer, and uses it effectively to provide cover for his father and the others. After all the destruction she has caused, Gideon and May-May finally get Eli’s children home safely. Stay tuned to Clutchpoint Entertainment to watch how this latest fares on Max next week.

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