This is the best Valorant skin you will ever find!

Valorant just added a new melee skin that might be the best ever, but you’ll never be able to buy it.

The Best Valorant Melee Skin You Can’t Buy

The melee skin “Kitana” is being introduced in Valorant. kicker? This is specific to the Chinese version of the game only. VALORANT is yet to release in China on July 12, 2023, despite the game being available in most parts of the world for over three years.

heroic china

This isn’t the only special feature in Valorant China, as it will also have an advanced replay and video recording system called “Fearless Moment”. that will allow players “Replays come with in-depth stats and can be uploaded instantly.”

This raised eyebrows especially from the current Valorant player base as they were demanding a unified, official replay and/or video recording system.

By May 19, 2022 ask valorant Dave Blogg, after acknowledging the fact that they are interested in exploring the feasibility of an in-game replay system, stated that “as of yet there are no plans for a player-facing version of the replay system.” At the time of publishing the Dave blog, Steven Eldredge of Game Production at Riot Games said, “We know this is a frequently requested feature by players of all types. Our exploration is ongoing to develop our other Valorant features (such as new ways to track and reward agent progress, player behavior tools, different ways to collect in-game items) – to measure whether the service It makes the most sense to prioritize based on what it offers. It has the most long-term effects on the health of most players and the sport. More directly, this exploration has helped us explore how we can use what we’ve learned to improve observation in matches as well as grow our live eSports broadcasts.

The first time-limited skin bundles that were missed by the Chinese community, such as the Arcane Bundle and the Champions Bundle, will be Available them upon release.

The Chinese version of VALORANT will launch with 16 agents:

  • Intelligent
  • jet
  • wonder
  • sulfur
  • snake
  • Prognostic
  • sleep
  • number zero
  • Reyna
  • killjoy
  • skye
  • Port
  • neon
  • shed
  • room
  • Violation

And upon release he will have 4 maps:

The rest of the missing content is scheduled for release as game updates:

  • agents
    • astra
    • KAY/O
    • gecko
    • Yoru
    • fade
    • impasse
  • MAPS
    • Lotus
    • dissolve
    • Sameer
    • icebox
    • Pearl

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