Tommy Tuberville thinks white nationalists are getting a bad rap

Tommy TubervilleHis claim to fame as a football coach was derived from his silver-tongued salesmanship when it came time to recruit African-American teenagers to his program in their homes, and in front of their parents or coaches. He peaked at Auburn in the early-to-mid The right boom came in the 2000s and beyond when Nick Saban’s reign at Alabama began. tuberville Tried to portray himself in a positive light, but the clues were always there that he was a scoundrel. Tuberville bounced between jobs after leaving Auburn in 2008, and when he couldn’t cut it in college football, he transitioned into an area where he could showcase his disdain for Americans, as well as his astonishing lack of intelligence. could also display Teahe United States Senate,

These days, tuberville is an outrageously extreme right-wing senator from Alabama, where he has served since being elected to office. in the Senate in 2020, due tuberville sympathy was expressed for the banishment of white nationalists from polite society, the government, and military institutes. More specifically, he has disdain for all who oppose the spread of white nationalists through the military.

Tuberville asks reporter to define what a white nationalist is

during a recent interview WHBM in Birminghamalabama, tuberville Expressed his grievances against the ousting of white nationalists from the army.

“Democrats are attacking our military, saying we need to take out white extremists, white nationalists, people who don’t believe in our agenda, like Joe Biden’s agenda,” Tuberville told host Richard Banks .

When reporters followed his controversial statements, tuberville Turned himself into a pretzel during an exchange. Initially, he attempted to defend his stance by asking NBC News reporter Julie Tserkin to define what a white nationalist is. After Tsirkin informed a visibly shocked Tuberville that a white nationalist “is someone who preaches Nazism. Someone who does not consider black and brown people to be equal to white people,” the Alabama senator asked shyly. whether a white nationalist is a Nazi. That kind of ignorance would General In a world where Republicans ban books and neuter history.

Tisrkin edited briefly tuberville On the well-established shared beliefs of Nazis and white nationalists. However, Tuberville disagreed, replying, “As a white nationalist I see A Trump Republican.

I told you it wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, right? As an SEC football coach, Tuberville hid his hateful beliefs behind a phone coach persona, but his turn to defend white nationalists is in sharp opposition to those beliefs. bbad people are criminalsoppose them middle eastern immigrantsand refusing to condemn racism.

Tuberville attempts to do course right by blaming Democrats for how they blame their own tongue-in-cheek relating to white nationalists for mega-Americans, but the Freudian slip speaks for itself. I haven’t seen a defense like this one since Tuberville’s final season.

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