Top Chef takes on two more British classics: football and biscuits

After a pub food introduction to Scotch eggs and crackers Last partare this week head chef: World All Stars Offers two more British specialties that Americans just don’t understand: football and biscuits. Sure, we can have versions of both across the pond, but in jolly old England, football is played with your feet (wild, we know) and biscuits are less of those fluffy, flaky buttermilk-enriched rounds that See you below. Similar to the South and very sad, very dry biscuits.

The former England discipline informs the Elimination Challenge this week, while the Quickfire Challenge is dedicated to the latter. “We want you to make a sweet and savory biscuit,” Padma Lakshmi tells the cooks. “You can use one dough and divide it, or you can make two completely different cookies.” Adds our fabulously dressed guest judge, world-renowned pastry chef and master chocolatier Paul A. Young, “Will it be herb? Will it be cheesy? Will it be lubricated with something? But make sure they look good.” The contestants have 45 minutes. “Don’t break under pressure!” sneered Padma.

Most cooks add big flavors to their biscuits – there are a lot of From Parmesan Happening, from Charbelle’s Parmesan Walnut Sable with Creme Fraiche to Luciana Parmesan Biscuit with Crispy Bacon to Sylvia’s Caesar-inspired Biscuit (“No potatoes, no beets!”) — but Ali’s focused flavorings make her afraid that her Beck’s will, well it will. Easy. , especially after coming to the latest final episode. But he sticks to his concept: “For me, life should be simple, not complicated.”

As it turns out, her instincts are correct: Padma and Paul love her “really crunchy” za’atar biscuit and orange sable. Nicole’s cacio e pepe cookie and pistachio rose cookie also impressed the judges, as did Luciana’s delicious gourds. (“There’s a lot of stuff in this… in a good way!” praises Paul.) Eventually, Ali bounces back from the bottom to get top marks, earning immunity in the subsequent Endurance Test Elimination Challenge.

Victoire’s Mascarpone Bacon Sable—made with gluten-free cassava flour—literally falls to pieces, nailing it down in three. (“We don’t bake in the Congo. We don’t bake!” she says in a flash.) Her corn-based Mexican shortbread (“the center was a little too soft,” Padma reasons) and Tom’s cookie are included. Clouds”‘, which, as guest judge Paul pointedly points out, are actually cakes: ‘It wasn’t a cookie. The assignment was very clear.

The cooks get a rare night off after Quickfire, which makes sense knowing the scope of the Elimination Challenge. Set at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the challenge tasked the chefs to compete as four teams of three in three rounds of 45-minute matches, each with our usual trio of Padma, Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons, as well as guest Aquile Judged by Chavez (A). top chef mexico Judge) and Ledley King (a former footballer and club ambassador for Tottenham Hotspurs). The chefs quickly group together: Luciana, Begona and Gabry; Charbel, Sylvia and Sarah; Vijay, Amar and Nicole; and Budd, Tom and Ali, the latter of whom is chosen as the last due to his immunity to danger which puts his teammates at risk.

“We’re going to use the League of Exile system: The first round consists of two head-to-head matches. Each team must create a dish using a beloved British ingredient. If your team wins, you’re safe from elimination.” If your team loses, they have to compete in the next round,” explains Padma. In the second round, the two losers from the first round compete against each other. Whichever team loses He The match-up would then have to be split up and compete as three individuals. She says, “The team you just picked could be your competitor.” “If I’d known it, I would never have been on the team with them,” Luciana says of the potential competition against her friends.

Teams draw blindfolded knives marked with a specific type of British cheese that will be the main ingredient of their first dishes – Stilton and Wensleydale – to determine who will compete against whom. Our Spanish-speaking trio easily joins their poached eggs with stilton foam and balsamic vinegar (“The begona takes charge … I’ll follow her blindly,” says Gabry), while The Trio of Victoire The same cannot be said about.

Buddha lo
picture, David Moir / Bravo

“Nicole, let me do my job,” Victoire complains when “aggressive” Nicole shows her how to “peter” an onion. Things take a turn for the worse when the team’s Roast Duck Breast with Stilton Butter Gravy and Walnut Crumble begins to irritate Victoire’s nut allergy. While plating, the chef beeps. “I tell myself, ‘Eat your dish and you could die!'” she jokes. The medical service takes him away for treatment, while teammates Amar and Nicole face the jury. Luckily, the health scare is for a reason: Victoire’s team defeats Gabry’s “gutted” egg and they are safe from elimination.

In the second round, Team Charbel offers a Welsh Cauliflower Rarebit with a stout-and-cheese sauce and caramelized shallots, versus Team Buddha’s Whole Braised Onions with Wensleydale puree and pickled peppers. “You weren’t afraid of this cheese, I liked it!” Tom Colicchio praised the first composition, putting the latter down for being “almost too aggressive with spice”.

Here goes Team Buddha and Team Gabry in the third round, this time focusing on the Bramley apple, the UK’s national fruit. “You see a beast of a team,” Tom said of their match. “Three head chef Winner and runs a Michelin restaurant in Spain. Fuck my life! Tom doesn’t have to worry though: The judges prefer the “intense apple flavor” of his team’s apple pie with walnut crumb to Gabriel’s crab apple cannelloni with apple mayonnaise.

Unfortunately, this means that Gabrie, Luciana, and Begona have to compete against each other, with this round’s main ingredient being English peas. “One more round, and against my friends. That sucks’, laments Gabry. Begona agrees: “I could make a very tasty plate with just peas, but I feel bad. I don’t want any of them to go home. I didn’t want to be in this situation.

Alas, both of her dishes — her baked peas with salted beetroot and pea-mint tuile, and her “very pretty” cream of peas with pea meringue and baked peas — beat out her brothers, Luciana, whose scallop carpaccio The bus provides with pea velouté that is not “as much pea-flavored” as its Challengers plates. After the elimination, she says, “Today it was a bit difficult for me to be so close to Gabry and Begona. “This last challenge was a little tricky. We don’t eat a lot of peas in Brazil!” But as she enters Last Chance Kitchen, she says, “My knives are sharpened and I’m ready to take off my earrings and cut.” Atta girl!

lost sight

  • Competing during a medical emergency wasn’t the only impressive feat Victoire showed off this week: The chef speaks seven languages ​​and has only spoken English for four short months. “I’m not fluent in English, but I’m focused on the competition. No one can stop me!”
  • We’re already sending Gabry on the road with her cooking love, pastry chef Paul. “He’s got that Austin Powers feel to him… I would totally date him!” If pastry Paul doesn’t approve, Gabry can have a good time with a soccer star. “I don’t like football, but I do doing like players.
  • More screen time should be devoted to Budd’s pug Kroshka, whose name means “little crumb”. “He has more sandwiches than a bakery,” the chef says of his adorable pet. Kroshka goes blind, but wins Buddha’s prize money head chef Season 19 helped pay for Puppy’s eye surgery. Team Kroshka!


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