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United States Women’s National Team Facing perhaps the toughest test in the group stage 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup on Wednesday evening Netherlands in Wellington, New Zealand. The game is a much-anticipated rematch of the 2019 World Cup final, which was won by the USWNT 2–0. But that doesn’t mean Wednesday won’t be easy either way.

Both teams won their opening games USA beat Vietnam 3-0And this Netherlands beat Portugal 1-0, Now they meet in Group E for an important duel!

We’ve gathered everything you need to know ahead of kick-off.

How do you see the United States Vs. Netherlands:

+ Matches are broadcast Coverage on Fox and the Fox Sports app begins at 7PM ET on Wednesday. full representative The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 will be available live on FOXSports.com and the FOX Sports app. is here How to watch every match of the tournament,

What you need to know about the Netherlands matchup:

+ America took a good look at the Dutch on Sunday. and compared to Vietnam, The Netherlands would be a huge step forward in terms of quality, Winning this match is imperative if the USWNT hopes to achieve their initial goal of getting past the group and securing the more friendly round of 16 matches that come with it.

+ Talented, skilled and determined, the Dutch are very well prepared to take on the reigning USWNT World Champion, but there is one area the US believes they have an edge over. to be scary Throughout the history of the national team program, America grew and continued to grow, becoming stronger, more ferocious and more intimidating than any unfortunate team.

Has The Netherlands Proved To Be A Serious Threat To The USWNT?

, sophia smith Is Living up to the hype – and then some, Young USWNT star put together Excellent performance in the team’s first game against VietnamScoring twice and scoring a notch and assist (setting him up nicely). golden shoe race, Smith was expected to do better than any other USWNT player this summer. And her supreme confidence certainly helps, Smith said, “I’ve been a winner since day one.” “I want to win. Losing anything makes me restless. Card game, whatever. When it comes to football, I just find a way.

+ Will Rose Laval Reclaim your original position against the Netherlands? The USWNT can use Lavelle’s finesse and sliding ability to get out of difficult situations on the field and create chances, especially against the Dutch who are a greater tactical and physical threat than Vietnam. and the team has reason to believe Hero of 2019 World Cup is ready to rock again,

, Julie Ertz were steady and on the field against Vietnam Despite an unexpected move at center back, She was always talking to her teammates, kept the backline organized and didn’t let any Vietnamese players get behind her. He made important tackles and also got some scoring chances. Will Ertz be there?

+ It’s hard to argue too much about a decisive multi-goal win at the World Cup and a clean sheet on the other side, but USWNT coach Vlatko Andonovski and his players know that too they have to be more efficient to the grid against Netherlands than against Vietnam.

+ The “World Cup Now” team – Jimmy Conrad, Leslie Osborne, Melissa Ortiz and Stu Holden – giant tilt previewAnd pointed out how the Netherlands could expose a certain weakness of the US squad.

‘First time the US team has been put to the test defensively’ – Arie Hingst on the USWNT’s upcoming game against the Netherlands

Introduction to USWNT:

+ Are you just getting acquainted with this version of the USWNT? Check Out Our Complete Guide to the 23 Female Roosters And Carli Lloyd looks at 15 key American players, Our panel of FOX experts also debated most important player of the team,

, Lindsey Horans Alex Morgan or Megan Rapinoe might not be the first names to spring to mind — at least not yet. but USWNT Co-captain has a clear goal of helping his team, “There are a lot of young players coming into this World Cup,” he said. “But it’s about giving them as much confidence in their abilities as possible.”

+ The US women’s national team has a chance to make more history this summer as it wins a record fifth title and third straight. Only four teams have gone back-to-back. No nation has completed the three-peat. Here’s more information about the American discovery. In addition, the hunt for the all-American title continues. Followed up for Netflix documentary series,

+ Wondering how America will get out of this initial phase? First, Also meet the teams in Group E. see again Which teams our experts believe pose the biggest threat to the USA’s three-peat haul,

Will USWNT still win group against Netherlands, Portugal?

Editors’ Choice – Our favorite pregame reads:

+ The USWNT is rooted in one simple goal: leave the game to posterity better than you found it. It is built on a bond that is built and nurtured through guidance proudly passed down from generation to generation. There are three players in this year’s team who represent this very well. ,Lecan Littman Read About the USWNT Mentorship Circle,

, trinity rodman She’s a candidate to be a breakout star for the USWNT – and yes, she’s Dennis Rodman’s daughter. And not only has she spent years watching Denise’s basketball highlights on the Internet, but she still uses her convincing technique to benefit her football game. He said, “I’ve seen my father play a lot more than most people.” “My Brother [USC transfer DJ Rodman] I lived to see the clip of my father.” (Martin Rogers read how Trinity modeled her game in line with her father’s)

+ The ’99ers were the inspiration for the 2015 US Women’s World Champion team. But for this edition of the national team, the 2015 roster is the touchstone. ,Read Doug McIntyre on how this young roster was shaped by the 2015 roster,

, from alex morgan Father Mike never forgets his daughter’s game. literal. Since Alex was 14, Mike estimates he has gone to every game. “He’s literally everywhere,” megan rapino Said. ,Read Lecon Littman About the Ultimate Football Dad,

The 2023 edition of the USWNT has three mothers on the roster, matching the previous record from 2015. But it was not always like this. Alex Morgan said, “I’m really grateful for the women who fought for their mother athletes.” ,Read about Lecan Littman about the “badass” OG moms of the USWNT,

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