Use the All-Star Break Wisely to Reevaluate

while many fantasy baseball Managers use the All-Star break as an opportunity to sit back and relax, continue to research and grind on those who win championships.

There may not be any worthwhile MLB games to watch, but once the mid-summer break is over, your first offseason of the second half opens up, and you want to take full advantage of those competitors who have You might have let your guard down. .For a few days. Teams will reset their rotations, players will return from injury, and we’re gearing up for another round of rookie call-ups.

Before you start searching for specific names, it is important to do a thorough evaluation of your team. You need to figure out which categories you are weakest in and how much extra attention they need from your roster. Which available players would help most in the specific categories I need?

Colton Cowser
Colton Cowser
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If you play in head-to-head points leagues, the strategy is slightly different, but the overall “best player available” method remains the same. Once you’ve set a specific goal, it’s time to find the right players.

Most casual fantasy managers stick to names. They’ll make every effort to get hold of players they’ve heard several key people speak about, regardless of their role on the team or the level of help they need for their specific fantasy needs.

Take Baltimore’s rookie outfielder Colton Kausar, for example. He’s one of the Orioles’ top prospects, and there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding his arrival this week.

Cowser’s minor league numbers indicate strong on-base skills and excellent power ability, but although he has shown some speed, he doesn’t profile as someone who is going to make a difference in that department.

He is expected to be a quality asset for the Orioles, but is he the right fit for your fantasy team?

If you’re looking for properly ranged support and speed is your biggest drawback, then Couser probably isn’t right for you.

Sure, you can pick him up and trade for speed, but it gets more complicated – you have to give up someone to get him and that move can hurt you, especially if you’re dealing with him. Time is consumed and player swaps reduce your team’s overall strength rating.

If power is what you crave, yes, Cowser can help, but you have to decide if his power and advantage are better than your worst outfielder. Too often, people drop a player without realizing that they are giving up a better asset just to get a name brand. Don’t let the hype fool you.

The All-Star Break is exactly that – a break, a respite, if you will. But the savvy fantasy player is one who acts directly. Identifying second half assets can be difficult, but now is the perfect time to research. If you don’t get distracted by games and hype, you can focus your energy on the numbers. And every past fantasy baseball champion will tell you: It’s all about the numbers.

Howard Bender is head of content, follow him on twitter @rotobuzzguy And watch him on the award-winning “Fantasy Alarm Radio Show” weekdays from 6-8 p.m. on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Channel. For all of you fantasy baseball advice,

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