What’s next for Molly McCann after brutal defeat?

Molly McCann’s losing streak continued at UFC London on Saturday night, as she was knocked out in the first round by Julija Stolyarenko. McCann had won four of his previous five fights, but in this fight they came after submission losses, two of those victories coming by knockout. But she was unable to find her range against Stolyarenko, who quickly took her down and controlled her to the ground.

The loss was tough for McCann, but he is still a talented fighter with a lot of potential. Here are three potential matchups for his next fight:

ariann lipsky

Molly McCann and Lipsky have already faced each other in the octagon, making for a compelling storyline for a rematch. Their first encounter demonstrated McCann’s remarkable fighting skills and Lipsky’s aggressive style. The introduction between the two fighters adds an extra layer of intrigue to this potential bout.

The first fight between McCann and Lipsky demonstrated an exciting dynamic, with McCann’s constant pressing and striking against Lipsky’s aggressive style. A rematch would provide an opportunity for both fighters to show off their skills and potentially create another exciting fight inside the cage.

A victory for either fighter in this rematch could have a significant impact on the flyweight division. With a win over Lipsky, McCann would solidify her position and potentially get a shot at higher-ranked opponents. Lipsky, on the other hand, would have an opportunity to avenge his previous defeat and climb the rankings in the division.

Veronica Hardy

Veronica Hardy recently returned to the Octagon after a three-year layoff. This comeback story adds an interesting storyline to the potential showdown with McCann. Hardy’s time away from the game could bring a new hunger and determination, making him a formidable challenger to McCann.

Hardy understands and accepts the Dalit position. This mindset can be a powerful motivator, as it allows him to enter the fight without the burden of expectations. Molly McCann, known for her aggressive style, will face a determined and hungry opponent in Hardy, making for an exciting clash of styles.

Molly McCann and Veronica Hardy both possess strong striking skills, making this matchup a potential striking showdown. McCann’s aggressive and relentless style, combined with Hardy’s technical striking, would create an exciting fight on the feet. This enticing clash of styles will undoubtedly enthrall MMA fans.

Gabriella Fernandes

With an impressive 8-3 record, Gabriela Fernandes is a rising contender in the flyweight division. The bout with McCann would provide Fernandes with an opportunity to showcase his skills against an experienced fighter and potentially climb the rankings in the division.

Molly McCann and Gabriella Fernandes possess exceptional striking abilities, making this matchup mostly a standup kickboxing affair. McCann’s aggressive and relentless style, combined with Fernandes’ technical striking, will create an exciting battle on the feet. This enticing clash of styles will undoubtedly enthrall MMA fans.

Both McCann and Fernandes have shown their ability to put up exciting contests. McCann’s aggressive style and Fernandes’ technical striking will make for an action-packed fight. Their determination and skill sets make this matchup an intriguing prospect for fans, promising an engrossing and competitive fight.

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