“Windows is an ecosystem in decline,” says Jamf’s CEO

Apple’s efforts in the enterprise are succeeding and will likely edge out Windows for the next decade, according to Jamf’s outgoing CEO Dean Heger. “…in 10 years Windows will no longer be the dominant ecosystem; …Apple is coming because it already dominates the mobile business.”

Hager’s comments came in an interview computer World,

Windows in the mobile era has no mobile devices

The implications are important, because it means IT has to accept that the infrastructure they have now is built for a somewhat crumbling ecosystem. “Any way you look at it, Windows is a declining ecosystem and has been for 20 years,” says Hager. “This is not a knock on Windows, this is a fact.”

As he sees it, the evidence is compelling. one in era of computer mobilityWindows doesn’t have a mobile device, which means the platform can’t be an “endpoint leader”.

Meanwhile, Apple has the leading smartphone, the leading business tablet, and the fastest growing PC used in the enterprise. This represent major changes in business technology,

“When I joined Jampf in 2015, I thought some very special things were going to happen in a venture with Apple,” Heger told me. “But I think even my predictions will be far short of what has actually happened over the past eight years.”

In 2015, Jamf had 4,000 customers with over 3 million devices. Today it has more than 72,000 customers who use more than 30 million Apple devices. “In my opinion, Apple has a clear path to winning the enterprise,” he said.

How Apple Won Business

The choice of the employee plays an important role in this. After all, not only is it important, but the nature of expectation of employees has also changed.

“We live in an environment where the people who use technology have a stronger voice than at any other time in the history of business,” Hager said. And in the end that voice will prevail. They’ll choose whatever technology they want, and that wasn’t true 20 or even 10 years ago. But the world has changed employees have optionsAnd organizations that don’t allow that option are falling behind today.

Gemf was founded a few months after its founding. Introduction to the Apple iPod In October 2001. The music player defined an era — and redefined Apple. In 2010, CEO Steve Jobs took the stage to announce the Apple was now a mobile companyWhich persists even today.

But the iPod nation wasn’t just the consumer choice at one point, it also inspired a generational change. That means kids born in the late 1990s grew up with Apple products, from the iMac to the iPod. As a result, they have become culturally accustomed to company platforms, and now they enter the workplace expecting to use this technology at work and at home.

This pattern is not limited to America. This is also being seen in developing countries, where Apple is gaining market share in emerging economies such as India, Taiwan and Mexico.

changing times and changing needs

In addition to these factors, the nature of challenges faced by companies is also changing. Think about how Apple devices were handled in 2015. Device management was one thing, endpoint security another, and access control was yet another service that third-party companies had to deal with.

Over time, the industry developed for each segment separately, meaning a company would use three services while doing a single job more effectively than it does today. This was ineffective and caused unnecessary overlapping of functions and some confusion.

Gemf’s reasoning is simple: “The reason you buy all these things is to make sure you have reliable access. And none of the solutions that existed at the time could handle this alone,” Hager said.

That’s why the company now offers an integrated solution for Apple products across all three businesses, and with its recent acquisition of DataJar, it’s building out solutions for managed services.

Jamf recognized early on that it needed to offer both security services and device management tools. At the time, security was one of the things that got in the way of the enterprise-driven/consumer-simple solutions offered by JMF. joint solution means The company “could lead the next wave of how true trusted access is delivered within organizations,” Heger said.

Meanwhile, many of the established services that existed in 2015 are being replaced by companies offering MDM, such as JMF, while others are being taken over and taken over.

What next for Hagar?

hagar CEO will retire in September and will be replaced by current COO Jon Strosahl. Hager will remain on the company’s board, but plans to devote his time to creating educational opportunities for underprivileged children around the world. It is a personal mission, he said.

He told me, “I grew up in a town of 150 people.” “My father was a truck driver and that is what I had planned to do. Then when I was 16 my teacher introduced me to the Apple 2e, I started using it in class, learned coding and it changed my life.

“We had a school with three classes and not all the students in each class [were] Same age, so that means they were all at different age levels.

Teaching is really challenging for teachers. For Hager, he said, the best approach to such challenges is the large-scale implementation of personalized learning plans that can be managed and guided with technology in the classroom on any subject. But many people around the world have neither access nor any hope of accessing these technologies.

“So during my time at Gemf, I decided that I would spend the rest of my life trying to bring technology to young people who might not otherwise have the opportunity.”

Their quest includes investing in classrooms and soon setting up post-secondary schools to help school dropouts acquire work-related skills and find internships in European and American companies. The first such school will open in November and as a result of the work so far, the first three children have completed internships.

Hager is excited about it. He sees education as transformative, not only for the children learning, but also for their communities. “Sometimes it happens that someone you influenced does a really good thing and they come back and invest in their community,” he said. “I can’t wait to take the program even further and bring expertise and jobs to kids who might never have had the opportunity otherwise.”

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