Without Deion Sanders, Pac-12 Media Day might as well pack it up and go home

Things have gotten so dire for the Pac-12 that they are one cycle away from returning to tape delay broadcasts. the left coast elite have Always found myself at a loss to arouse interest in it football campaign. Dance to the beat of Deon Sanders drums.

The high-stepping, high-falutin, headline machine has been a polarizing figure, but he’s also pulled one of the conference’s lower echelons out of despair. hate it or love it, neon dion is in front of a microphone no holds barred Entertainment Even if sometimes it has the opposite effect.

Negative messages go farther than negative sentiment in the modern news climate, and the Pac-12 needs something to combat its growing woes. Only one problem. The convention’s one-man propaganda machine will not exist to distract from the torrential rain of bad news.

In the latest serious Pac-12 news, Coach Prime will miss Media Day additional surgery In June, less than two months after surgery on his left leg, two of his toes were straightened to remove a blood clot in his right leg and reduce pain when wearing shoes.

What’s the point of Pac-12 Media Day without Sanders in attendance? They need to get their affairs in order first. The list of topics Pac-12 coaches can discuss that will generate positive headlines for Pac-12 football in 2023 is very short. Chip Kelly’s turnaround at UCLA only draws more attention to the fact that one of the conference’s premier schools is moving to more economically prosperous countries. Their media rights negotiations are further complicated by Oregon staring at the exit.

Instead, we’ll let Chip Kelly answer as many questions as possible and Oregon’s incoming coach Kenny Dillingham tell everyone he likes his leadership groups and emphasize that he likes the Ducks quarterback position this autumn. . Zzzzz…..

Washington’s Michael Penix is ​​a potential Heisman sleeper but doesn’t move the needle, and Clemson transfer DJ Uigallei hasn’t inspired much confidence at Clemson. David Shaw’s departure from Stanford also took away his last bit of prestige. Stanford’s aura is over. Kyle Whittingham is an excellent X&O coach and can make fresh paint peel off when he speaks.

Finding a positive story for PAC-12 is like finding oil on the dark side of the Moon. USC is competing for the first Pac-12 national title in football (or basketball) since 2004 and Caleb Williams’ ascendancy would win the conference if USC and UCLA weren’t abandoning their Brock Phi Brock conference for the Big 12 stack. Were.

ESPN’s possible exit as the conference’s primary media rights holder will loom over the Pac-12’s fiscal house of cards throughout the summer. Given that their deal with Fox also expires in 2024, the poaching of their most profitable programs by the Big 12 and the humiliating existence of being the only Power Five conference without a long run cost them California’s largest media markets. Facing the possibility of losing. Term Media Deal.

on Tuesday, ESPN’s Heather Dinich reports The Pac-12 is expected to release details of its next media rights deal in the “near future”. Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports reported in May The main bidder was NBC Universal, which could bid late into the night. Pac-12 games on USA Network, which has not aired football since 1986.

Generally Media Day is an old concept. In the era of 24/7 coverage, they get lost in the vast media landscape. The only thing you should pay attention to on any given media day is the over/under bets on how many times the coach says “good football team”.

The only things that rise to the surface of zeitgeist are the negativity and sarcasm thrown between the coaches. Deon throwing verbal heat at the Big 12 and Brent Venables might have given him the boost he needed. He’ll likely be back for the 2024 media day, but until then, he’ll be preparing for Colorado’s new conference. If rumors of realignment are circulating around the buffs pan Outside.

Everywhere you turn, a cloud of dark clouds is descending on the Pac-12. Why give it a big platform? After all, it doesn’t matter. The Pac-12’s best games are rarely seen across the country due to late start times, so it’s fitting that their severely depleted media day is destined to be lost in the Friday news dumpster.

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