Worldcoin launches token to differentiate humans from bots

WorldCoin (WLD), a project created by OpenAI CEO Sam Alman, launched the token that will be used within the project’s ecosystem on July 24.

The project has consistently divided opinion from the crypto sector to Silicon Valley, with some praising the project’s ambition and others calling it “spooky” and “dystopian”. Despite these comments, the project continues to pursue its goal of solving income inequality and online identity authentication.

the project was the first Launched back on March 14, with a waiting list for Software Development Kit (SDK). According to the team, World ID will serve as a global digital passport that users can store on their phones. The project also claims that World ID will also provide proof that they are not robots, without the need to provide identifying information such as phone numbers to various websites.

This project is due on 8th May has released its gas-free crypto wallet For verified people. It allowed users to take advantage of gas-free transfers by registering for World ID – where they would be asked to provide a phone number or iris scan.

According to the developers, the project does not store data provided by users. It generates a zero-knowledge proof to verify that the user is human, without disclosing the data used to generate this proof.

Ahead of the launch, crypto exchange Binance announced that they would be listing the token on their platform.

Meanwhile, blockchain security firm PeckShield detected That a fake WorldCoin token has already done the job of pulling the carpet.

While many expressed support for the project, many members of the community also opposed the idea. Former Twitter CEO and Bitcoin Supporter Jack Dorsey Tweeted that “no single company or state should own any part of the global financial system.”

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project is also Over 2 million registrations registered Back to my World ID project on July 14th. During the token launch, Altman tweeted his hopes of bringing this number to 2 billion.

Sam Altman expects the number of users to reach 2 billion. Source: Twitter

This project is due on May 25 $115 million insured Backed by its decentralized identity system and its crypto wallet called World App. The team leveraged the rise of artificial intelligence technology to offer a “decentralized, privacy-preserving solution” that could provide humanity online and allow people to take control of their own identities.

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