Yankees could get Stanton, Donaldson and Kahle for Dodgers Series

SEATTLE — The Yankees could get the full trifecta of returns when they open the series at Dodger Stadium on Friday.

Josh Donaldson and Tommy Kahnle were indicated to be activated from the injured list around that day, and Giancarlo Stanton could join them despite playing in only one rehab game.

“There’s a chance. We’ll see,” manager Aaron Boone said Wednesday before wrapping up a series against the Mariners at T-Mobile Park. “It’s definitely in play. But let’s get through today and we’ll see.

Stanton, Donaldson and Kahnle all played for Double-A Somerset on Tuesday before full workouts at Yankee Stadium.

But all three were expected to fly to Los Angeles together to meet with the Yankees, who would make the final call on their preparation before activating them.

Tommy Kahnle pitched one inning while rehabbing with the minor league team, the Somerset Patriots, for a game against the Minnesota Twins at TD Ballpark.
Michelle Farsi / New York Post

“I think for the most part, they’re ready to go,” Boone said.

Donaldson, out since April 6 with a right hamstring strain, has played in four rehab games in the past week.

Kahnle has pitched in five games over the past two weeks since spring training with right biceps tendinitis.

Meanwhile, Stanton played on Tuesday for the first time since he went to the IL on April 16 with a left hamstring strain.

Giancarlo Stanton #27 and Josh Donaldson #28 both celebrate after Stanton hits a two-run home run in the sixth inning against the Boston Red Sox.
Giancarlo Stanton and Josh Donaldson both celebrate after a two-run home run by Stanton in the sixth inning against the Red Sox.
Getty Images

But the veteran slugger has done enough work behind the scenes that the Yankees believe he could be ready to jump back into MLB games on Friday.

Boone said, “We have so many tools now that you can mimic them, better than ever, at-bats and things like that.” “In Giancarlo’s case, he is doing a lot of physical things as far as outfield work and running buildup. But the hitting side of things, what they’ve been able to do behind the scenes to accelerate that curve, has grown exponentially over the years as well. So no, I’m not too worried about it.

When Stanton returns, he will only DH for “the first few weeks”, Boone said, as the Yankees have made him an occasional starting outfield.

Harrison Bader did some agility work in the outfield on Wednesday, a day after being on the IL with a right hamstring strain. His frustration with the injury was clear, but he didn’t fight with the team about going to IL.

Bader said, “I can’t play at the pace that I know I can help this team.” “I had to go on IL, heal and come back when I was ready.”

Boone said Bader, who has a “low-grade” strain, could be out for a couple of weeks. The center fielder suffered an injury hitting an infield single on Monday night.

Bader said, “As soon as I hit the base, I felt the impact catch a little bit.” “It will pass, but it’s frustrating.”

Anthony Rizzo was out of the lineup for a third straight game because of a neck strain, but he took early batting practice and fielding work and is expected to return Friday against the Dodgers.

“He’s doing much better today,” Boone said.

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