YouTuber pleads guilty to intentionally crashing a plane

A youtube The pilot pleaded guilty to intentionally crashing an aircraft and with intent to obstruct a federal investigation. Trevor Daniel Jacob, 29, of Lompoc, Calif., passed out himself He took off on a plane in November 2021, claiming that there was no safe place to land, as the plane crashed somewhere near the Los Padres National Forest.

According to a DOJ, Jacobs installed multiple cameras on the plane before it took off Press releaseand equipped himself with a parachute and selfie stick, all of whom grab Jacob as he ejects himself from the plane and parachutes to the ground. he uploaded 12 minute video on YouTube, which has 3.1 million views at the time of writing. The video shows Jacobs taking off before claiming the plane was out of order 35 minutes later, when he parachutes out of the plane and it crashes into the side of a mountain. Jacob records himself walking in the park complaining of exhaustion before being picked up by local farmers.

Jacobs reported the incident three days later, telling the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that he did not know where the plane had crashed, but that according to a DOJ Press releaseThe US Department of Transportation had launched its own investigation and found that he and a friend had returned to the wreck site on 10 December. reportedly both Helicopters flew to the crash site where they secured the wreckage and took it to Rancho Siscock in Santa Barbara County and loaded it into Jacobs’ vehicle.

According to the report, Jacobs shredded the wreckage over the course of a few days and dumped it in dumpsters around the airport, and Jacobs admitted at the plea bargain that this was done with intent to hinder the investigation. As part of his plea, Jacobs acknowledged that he had received a sponsorship deal from a company that sells a range of products, including a wallet. Jacobs agreed to promote the wallet in a YouTube video, and confirmed as part of his plea deal that he expected to earn money from the videos.

The press release stated that he “further admitted that he lied to federal investigators when he filed a plane crash incident report that falsely indicated the plane had lost all power approximately 35 minutes after takeoff.” The damage was done.” The release continued, “Jacobs also lied to an FAA aviation safety inspector when he said that the plane’s engine had shut down and that because he could not identify safe landing options, he parachuted out of the plane.”

The FAA revoked Jacobs’ pilot’s license last April, and his plea to vandalism and concealment with intent to obstruct a federal investigation carries a sentence of up to 20 years in prison, according to the release. The date of sentencing has not been announced yet.

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